The Existence Of Hell

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  1. I'm not sure if this topic complies with the rules of the forum but here it goes: does Hell exist?

    I've been giving this a lot of thought lately, I take this subject very seriously and I believe that Hell is definitely real, it's not just a symbol or metaphor.

    There is no contradiction whatosever between Hell and the existence of a merciful God. In fact, it's quite the opposite: if everything we do matters and if God is the ultimate judge, then an eternal Hell makes perfect sense.

    There are countless references on the Bible and Jesus mentioned this place of 'weeping and gnashing of teeth' several times but what really impressed me was the number of testimonials of Hell, people that allegedly went there and were able to return and tell the story.

    You can find many recorded testimonials on YouTube. They are from people of all ages, countries and cultures, many of them former atheists. Are all these people lying?

    The impressive testimony of Herbert Broome, just minutes before he died:

    My personal favorite is Doctor Maurice Rawlings, a former atheist and renowned cardiologist that witnessed countless cases of people that saw hell on their deathbeds:

    Another former atheist, Bryan Melvin:

    Rob (Cai1000) also visited Hell and quotes Bryan Melvin on this video:

    Bill Wiese, the bestselling author of '23 Minutes in Hell':

  2. Bishop Robert Judah Paul:

    Nadia had a NDE and was taken to hell, after this experience she and her entire family converted to christianity:

    The three holy children from Fatima, Portugal, that saw hell in 1917:

    The energetic Professor Howard Storm turned to God after his NDE:

    The amazing story of Tyrone Williams:

  3. I've spoken about this before also. Its also an important thing to me. However I do not apply to the Medieval Catholic concept of it. I believe hell specifically is the terminal case of unrepentant sin. The punishment is consequential not punative.

    However, I personally think that God has and will saved everyone from that fate. But if anyone is there, they have prepared the fate for themselves.
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  4. Those you-tube videos are interesting. I believe in NDE's. That should have been your title ;).
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  5. I believe it's real, Luke 16.
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  6. I believe hell is real. I believe in Conditional immortality though, so the purpose of hell is different.

    I don't know what I think about NDEs. I would assume that most of them are hallucinations. I don't believe anyone is going to hell before the final judgment so I don't think anyone is in hell at the moment. That would make it slightly difficult for someone to go to hell and then come back.
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  7. Absolutely.

    The Bible frequently mentions Hell, even more so than Heaven. And yet, this is still a huge taboo among Christians. Yes, we should focus more on the positive aspects of Christianity but I see nothing wrong in 'scaring people into Christ'.

    If Hell was taken seriously, as it should, I'm pretty sure the number of atheists would decrease.
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  8. Oh man.... watching those videos has me freaked out. I hope both God and myself are doing all we can so I never go there!

    Can't imagine..
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  9. Luke 16 is about Hades, not hell.

    I don't agree with using scare tactics to bring people to Christ. That's what the churches in the south seem to do and it didn't do anything for me other than make me not want to go to church. The love of Jesus is what brought me to Christianity and its what keeps me there. Fear is a strong motivator but it fades. Love does not.
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  10. Well, everyone's different. Some may start out afraid of going to hell, some out of some supernatural encounter with God and others because of how much God loves them.
  11. That's true, but in my experience the people that come to Christianity out of fear don't stay.
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  12. The saints have spoken about Hell exhaustively. Many have seen visions of Hell and spoken of what they've seen.
    Philosophical support for Hell abounds, and yet this qustion keeps coming up.

    As Padre Pio said "whether they believe in Hell now or not, they most certainly will when they are there".
  13. Please give examples instead of blank statements. What is a scare tactic to you?
  14. You are going to hell if you don't tithe. You will burn forever and never die and demons will laugh at your pain. You will be forgotten by God and there will be no relief for you forever and ever.

    What does that statement say about the love that Jesus showed us He has for us? Nothing at all, and that's the problem. Threats of hell don't show a loving god, they show an evil one.
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    I would take that a step further and say that fire and brimstone Christianity is ultimately unsuccessful.

    Although I recognize many would disagree. No disrespect to them.
  16. People go to hell for not believing in hell? I thought believing in Christ is what saved you. :confused:
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  17. Absolutely terrifying.

  18. Oh I watched him.
  19. Thta's not even close to what I said, but yes, lack of belief in Hell would be a good reason for a person to be evil and destined for Hell.
    Hell exists, that is a fact. If you love God it is not an issue, you will never go there. If you despise God, where else would you expect to go?
  20. I wasn't saying you said it. I was referring to the quote.

    Not believing in hell doesn't mean you will be wicked. Mormons are a good example of this. As far as I tell they really have no traditional hell and they are all very kind people.

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