The Exact Meaning Of GOD'S Pleasure

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  1. The Exact Meaning Of GOD'S Pleasure

    I was talking to another believer about GOD creating us for HIS pleasure. I used to think this meant that we would all be like tools for HIM to use and nothing more.

    But a fellow brother in Christ on another website gave another interpretation of the word "pleasure"...his exact words are...

    God created the living entity (the soul) for His pleasure, meaning companion.

    So does this mean that we are not created like tools but as companions? Is that the correct interpretation of Scripture?

    What do you all think?
  2. I always took it to mean that, while it does indicate His sovereignty over us, He created us so that He might delight in us. An example might be the desire of a couple to have a child. Ultimately, their desire is to fulfill a longing in their own hearts. But much of this desire is fulfilled in having a healthy, happy child. They want their child to do well and encourage and guide them as best they can to that end. Witness the parent whose child gets good grades, has many friends, wins an award, overcomes adversity, or just says something cute. Is that parent not delighted and proud?
  3. Without a will separate from yours, you are alone.
  4. That God created us for companionship there is no doubt. The word pleasure in Hebrew or Greek simply means pleasing, delightful- there is no hidden meaning.
  5. God takes delight (pleasure) in having friendship, relationship, fellowship with His children. He is the Father, our Loving Father. He desires to talk to you, one on one. To teach you and show you things. He will discipline you, but for your benefit. Just like an earthly father should. Take time out to listen to Him and let Him speak to you. He'll tell you.[​IMG]

    You know, for the longest time, I thought God was sitting on His throne up in heaven, watching me like a hawk. And had a big stick ready so that when I messed up He would give me a big WHACK! Just waiting for me to mess up. I have since found out that is far from the truth! He is watching us, but its more like a caring, father than a dictator. The truth is so much more awesome than anything we could ever imagine. I would encourage you, Whitelioness, to read the book of John, and anything else about the love of God. [​IMG]

  6. To tell the truth I have not read John in a very long time. Or if I have ever...I don't know If I have ever. Quite uncertain. I'll read it soon, how's that?
  7. Sounds good! [​IMG]
  8. Does this mean there are many meanings?
  9. then why don,t they put delight in the bible,instead of double meaning words.who is translating these bibles satan.:eek:
  10. Good question. He might. I know there are some versions scholars are not too excited about, other versions that cause disagreements. The NIV has met much controversy. All versions have, even the KJV, the one I use. I have acknowledged that the KJV has some translation errors, in effect calling Jesus Jesus when his real name was Iseous or Joshua (as some other Bibles translate it as that).
  11. Absolutely not.

    With an open heart and a seeking mind, we must have faith is what God tells us. As the bible also tells us God word is not to be added to nor taken away from.

    Sadly, simplicity is the hardest thing ever to conceive for many.
  12. seems like the readers are being blinded with intellectual politicians who translate bibles.:eek:

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