The Enormity of God's Love

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  1. For those of you who have children, can you imagine taking your child and offering them as a sacrifice to be flogged, flailed, tortured, and then have nails driven through their wrists and feet and hung to die for days? Would anything make you do this? It is pretty unthinkable. Yet, God so loved us and wanted us saved that this is precisely what he did. He allowed these horrible things done to His only Son. He placed the sins of all mankind on the shoulders of this innocent and allowed him to be tortured and die in a horrible way, because he loved us to much he wanted to save us and have a way to come to Him.

    Whenever I think of this, it absolutely boggles my mind - His love for us is SO great that he let this happen to His only Son. It is something worth contemplating if ever any doubt enters your mind whether God truly loves you and wants the best for you. When we are facing serious challenges, we sometimes feel like God has abandoned us, but he never will. How could someone who offered His son in this manner do anything but what is best for you? The sacrifice of Jesus is proof of the enormity of God's great love for us.
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  2. For me, the sacrifice of Jesus is not only proof of the enormity of God's great love for us, but those who believe in Jesus Christ will know that they are beyond flesh.
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  3. Egraine Peter Luke

    Are you sure you guys are using the correct word here for God?

    1. 1.
      the great or extreme scale, seriousness, or extent of something perceived as bad or morally wrong.
      "a thorough search disclosed the full enormity of the crime"
    2. 2.
      a grave crime or sin.
      "the enormities of the regime"
      synonyms: wickedness, evil, vileness, baseness, depravity; More
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  4. Good point Jim. In my mind it meant enormousness, which enormity has recently been seen to mean enormous but not yet fully accepted.
    More info on it here:
    However, the above link suggests to avoid using enormity to limit confusion for those that know the difference.

    Thanks for pointing it out.
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  5. Perhaps 'vastness' would suffice, but then there is the problem of words with similar meaning such as greatness, immenseness, boundless, limitless and then back to the unfortunate " enormity". Since the English language seems inadequate to express the honest and simple wonder of the heart of those who praise the Lord, perhaps it is time to invent words and phrases that can express the wonder of our praise in unmistakable ways. George Orwell's newspeak in "1984" comes to mind where a description of something wonderful would sound like "double plus good" or some such thing. The idea was that by eliminating adjectives from the vocabulary, understanding would be assured and variations of interpretation would be eliminated. I'm not sure I like the idea because I am fond of my thesaurus,though I rarely use it. Perhaps the best form of praise is to quote straight from the Bible - then the argument can be taken up with the scholars who originally translated the text. I am eager to here hear more cogent suggestions in overcoming this problem with the usage of words that are meant to convey sincere praise, but in the end drift into the muddled world of legalistic banter. We must establish must stricter guidelines, which, if precisely followed, will prevent the unspeakable impression of being insolent, or worse, illiterate.
  6. I think if we followed in Jesus footsteps and spoke only what we mean.. we all would be better off. He didn't use big fancy words, and most of the time He spoke from the Scriptures, and always only said what the Father told Him to say. (John 12:49)

    Good thoughts and post my friend!
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