The end of the Bratz Doll

Discussion in 'News and Articles' started by Trishcuit, Dec 4, 2008.

  1. Barbie had a good jab and a good right hook!:D
  2. fasinating.:eek:
  3. It isn't so much about the doll divas duking it out, I am rejoicing because those Bratz dolls are just WRONG. Look at them, the way they dress and look and their target audience. It is just scary. I am very glad they are done for.
  4. And not only that...Barbie has this sort of "thing" about them that just makes them so...good, even for older people.

    Bratz dolls...I remember when those things first came out. I thought they looked ugly and deformed and they still do (to me). Barbie dolls have always been a little more realistic.

  5. My daughters like the Barbie movies. While I find them a bit nauseating after a while (haha) the Barbie Princesses do display good morals courage, etc. Altogether a positive role model.
    Now if only they didn't slaughter classic fairy tales so badly.:D

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