The doghouse

Discussion in 'Humor' started by Trishcuit, Dec 21, 2008.

  1. Here I am replying to my own post. Desperate huh?

    I found this video funny because it reminds me of a couple of family members.
    Seriously everyone has lost the ability to laugh at themselves these days.

    True humor is usually laced with truth.
  2. That was hilarious!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Kinda like you gotta bribe them to like you hey? LOL
  4. Yes, it was really funny. Where did you find it? It looked like one of those commercials where women are making men look idiot, though. Kinda of subliminal. Is that the word I want? :confused:
  5. The word subliminal will work. :)

    A different forum site posted it to see who thought it funny and who thought it offensive. After having a good laugh I posted it here. It is on You Tube but it also has it's own website somewhere. Just Google 'Beware the Doghouse'.
  6. Somewhere in the fourties when radio story broadcasts began programs like "Father Knows Best", and "Life of Riley", and "Fibber McGee" The men were made to look like total idiots and the women were always bailing them out. Even the children were more grown up than the men. That followed onto tv and continued making idiots of men. Father Knows Best on tv was an exception I think because the father actually was the one with some smarts. Between mom and dad they fixed the kids problems. The way it should be.

    Men in general have slipped into the role of being subservient to women and don't really know their role in society now. Women resent it. Smart women help their men to take their place as head of the family and be his helper (read partner). Smart men take their place without lording it over his woman.
    I believe that men are better than women. I also believe that women are better than men. Each at their own areas. I could go on about that but lets fight instead. LOL:):)

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