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  1. Wanted to share this.
    I was working as a bouncer in a nightclub (21 year old) so it was the best job and only job I could get at this time. The whole time I prayed for the lord for a different job because a club is no place for a Christian to be and 2 months ago I got immediately hired to another security job no background check or drug test just started right away. The thing is though I made very good friends with all my co workers there so they were like family pretty much and I missed them a lot. So last night I said what the heck I'll just go visit them tonight I haven't seen them in a long time. Man as soon as I walked in I felt really bad vibes. Like the hair on my neck went up. For some reason it looked even worst than when I worked there. Everyone just drugged out of their minds walking around looking like zombies. I couldn't stay in there longer than 20 minutes and just left. Even walking to the city to get to my car , girls falling over and taxi drivers even had to help some girls just to get in the car. Makes me wonder how I worked in there for an entire year.
  2. It sounds good that you got another job. I'm not sure what else to say at this moment.
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  3. It's always amazing, what we can get used to, without realizing it. Glad you got another job.
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  4. And yet the place with the drugged up people could have used a strong Christian there more.

    Less comfortable to you, but better for the lost.

    Sometimes convenience is not the most profitable route to travel.

    But I'm glad you found peace.
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  5. I disagree with you on him staying there. By all means witness to them but that environment isn't a good place for him to be.
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  6. I worked at a club probably in the same area as you, maybe even the same place. I was a dj at the place, and dreaded every night I had to go in there. I remember one time a guy asked me if I did mix tapes, and how much they cost. I told him I would give a mix tape for free if he would spend a little time reading his Bible. For some reason he was very offended by that, but then I never seen him in the club again.
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  7. I see what you mean. One time this girl saw me on my phone at work .... my screen saver is a picture of Jesus and she goes is that Jesus? I go yeah and she says oh so your religious and I said I would say so yea. Than she asks me why I'm in here and I shouldn't be working in a club. I've talked to people about Christianity in the club ... trust me they dont listen/care. Also I was starting to fall in temptation ... well not always but sometimes. For example some girls would invite me to after parties at hotels down the block. Some people would offer me to do some drugs in the bathroom. One girl asked me to go with her in the parking lot for you know what. When your in Satans territory you need to be as vigilant as you've ever been because man there were so many times I almost slipped.
  8. Nice bro. I Worked at district 30 and Dive bar in downtown ... ring a bell? Thats crazy you offered it to him free and he got mad when you mention the bible? Some people are so anti Christ ....
  9. And knowing (or not) your sense of humour and to go my era, I was working as a waitress at a cocktail bar (not really, and I am male).

    Back to topic...

    Sounds like you (probably very reasonably) believed the place was wrong, even when you took the job there. As such I'm finding it difficult to imagine you are seeing it through some sort of change of faith now.

    Could it be that the place has really got worse. And if it had and you had stayed, might you have made a difference?

    Or can one not win, or are many of us to weak for some places, etc?

    Christ, to me, seemed able to drink and (without being one of them) keep company with sinners. How did he do it?

    Just questions. (And I spent some time trying and falling into temptation at least with drink - that much is true).
  10. I'm hoping he started reading his Bible, and thats why he never came back. And yeah both of those places are familiar. Right by Pizza Rock right?
  11. Well I got into some trouble and went to jail for a little and got out and had to pay off my bail some how. So I applied at hundreds of places and no one would call back than my friend said just work with me I'll get you the job and you can start this weekend. So I kinda had no other choice.... I knew it was gonna be bad but my payment was due at the end of each month and I was barley cutting it with what little I had. And when I was working it didnt look like how it did the other night. When I worked it was just the regular crowd coming to drink and dance and occasionally the few people who do drugs. This time over half the club looked like they were in some trance or something. You gotta remember though I'm nothing compared to Christ. When a hot girl comes up and talks to me it would be different. My flesh is weak.....
  12. Hopefully. Yeah lol I worked at all 3. They are all owned by the same guy.

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