The Decalogue Vs Natural Law (the Doctrine Of Devils?)

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    Many theologians have adopted the idea/doctrine of natural law. According to Wikipedia, "natural law is a system of law that is purportedly determined by nature, and so is universal.[1] Classically, natural law refers to the use of reason to analyze human nature — both social and personal — and deduce binding rules of moral behavior from it. " The Catholic Encyclopedia (TCE) states in para 2, "The rule, then, which God has prescribed for our conduct, is found in our nature itself. Those actions which conform with its tendencies, lead to our destined end, and are thereby constituted right and morally good; those at variance with our nature are wrong and immoral."

    The TCE correctly concludes that there are limitations to natural law stating that there are other "conclusions" or "precepts" that can only be reached through more or less complex courses. Therefore, "the natural law" is " to be supplemented by positive law, human and Divine". Man "unaided by supernatural revelation, would not acquire a full and correct knowledge of the contents of the natural law" (ibid). In other words "The natural law is the foundation of all human law inasmuch as it ordains that man shall live in society, and society for its constitution requires the existence of an authority, which shall possess the moral power necessary to control the members and direct them to the common good" (ibid).

    So we see an implication of natural law, according to the TCE, is that we need moral authority to discern its laws for the betterment of society and by implication the church. But are we going above the simplicity of the scriptures, leading society and more importantly, Christiandom further away from a "thus saith the Lord" into the mysteries and philosophies of men (Col 2:8)? Simply put, what is the problem with Gods commandments (Exo 20:3-17) and do we really need to understand "natural law" in light of Gods already revealed in His word?

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  2. The Churches role?

    "Pope Benedict XVI's encyclical Deus Caritas Est ("God is Love") of 2006 teaches that social justice is the central concern of politics, and not of the church, which has charity as its central social concern. The laity (church members including those in political power) has the specific responsibility of pursuing social justice in civil society. The church's active role in social justice should be to inform the debate, using reason and natural law, and also by providing moral and spiritual formation (spiritualism--another topic all together) for those involved in politics."

    Anyone else concerned about these non-biblical doctrines/heresies? Or do you consider it heresy at all?

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