The cook~

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  1. The cook~

    Who does the cooking in your home and what are your favorite foods?

  2. My wifes the main cook but I try to fix dinner 3 times a week (emphasis on try)- I love parmesan or rump roast with mashed potatoes and gravy with brocolli and cheese sauce on the side- also a nice rib eye steak on special occasions- and theres always a chicken salald with bleau cheese dressing- mmm :D
  3. It's only a little after 7 in the morning but you have really made me hungry!
  4. Sometimes I get mad because my parents do all the cooking and just let me make mac and cheese or something for my brothers. :p
    But I really do looooooove cooking! I watch all those Cooking Channel shows and stuff. Hmmm my favoorite foods....I love anything with potatoes or mushrooms :)
    I like Chicken continental which are chicken breasts covered with cream of mushroom soup mixture and crockpot cooked with 2 jars of dried beef. Yummy! I love Mexican and Italian food. Gotta love Chicken Alfredo. Fajitas, tacos, burritos anything like that will spark my interest. Mostly I like buffets and pot luck dinners because you get lots of choices...sometimes it's overwhelming. :confused:

  5. We share those responsibilities here but I do the majority of the 'involved' meals. When I was 14 years old, I spent an entire summer working with my master-chef Uncle in a large hotel kitchen and he taught me well !!

    We follow the food laws in Leviticus 11 (NLT) and Deuteronomy 14 (NLT), so no 'scavengers, on our menu.
  6. my wife does the cooking,i know she likes to unwind after a busy day cooking then moaning at me for not cooking.i know she likes it that way lol.but i like curries.
  7. My wife had a PM job for a short time several years ago- when I first started trying to make dinner my daughter learned how to cook out of self defense!:D
  8. lol.likely story lol.i made my wife a nice cup of tea once ,so i can never get out of
  9. Smellycat

    What are curries, SC?
  10. My cousin and I do the cooking. As Indians we tend to make our curries really hot and spicy. Sometimes I have trouble in the morning. :D Curries are like dishes with spicy gravy. We add things like red chilli powder, turmeric, ginger, garlic, pepper, coriander powder, cumin powder, curry leaves, cloves, coriander leaves, cardamom etc etc.
  11. I would like curries then.
    I LOVE to eat!
    I love all food, pretty much.
    My favorite is seafood though, then Mexican, then Italian.....
    then everything else!
    :) :eek: :)
  12. Not my curries. I am a bad cook.
  13. Jeff, I doubt you are a bad cook but the more you do it the better you will get!:)
  14. Mmmmm I love seafood! I especially enjoy these yummy barbecued shrimp my dad puts on the grill. Friday Fish Frys are common where I live so there's always a variety. Jeff, don't worry about the curries I bet you do just fine.
  15. Ooh, shrimp is my favorite and I love fish and chips with vinegar!
    :fish: ​
  16. Yes Jeff.... I have taisted real Indian curry and it is hot hot hot. I have a lot of West Indian friends who make curry and it is not as hot. I love to have roti with the curry , I think you call it nan.

    Living in a multi cultural city , I like to try all kinds of food as we have so many different restaurants.

    When we have our missionary convention at church there is a taiste of all the nations in the gym and in our church there are 45 nations represented so you can imagine the food.
  17. Some curries are even hot for me. :eek: But I can survive for sometime and then the trouble begins. :D I love naan with curry and some nice Indian sweets after a good meal.
  18. What are Indian sweets like, Jeff?
  19. My mum usually cooks the meals in our house.
    On some occasions I will go out and buy stuff and make a special meal for my family.

    My favorite foods are, jacket potatoes, Chineese take away lol, and Curry.
  20. Oh , I have to tell you guys..... We are having Rib Fest here for four days and went last night and had the most delicious fall off the bone ribs that you could ever imagine. There are alot of places represented and they are in competion with each other and the half rack that I had were people from Tennessee. Yumo as Rachel Ray would say, done over wood chips. My mouth is still watering.:dance::dance::dance::dance:

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