The Clemens Case

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  1. The Clemens Case

    I can't bare to watch another idol of many to go down the toilet. He's lying. Why would his personal trainer Brian McNamee come out and say "hey, I gave him steroids, and I was wrong" and be lying? Would McNamee make that up? Why? Why would you kill your own reputation just go get someone else down? Clemens sat there before congress and dodged most questions thrown at him getting overly defensive witha very harsh attitude. That's what I would do if I were making it up.

    I hope it all goes away after this case, even though I know it won't. It's so annoying to have this in on Sportscenter every day.

    Anyone in favor of Clemens being 100% clean throughout his entire career?
  2. What we reap is what we sow. Taking illegal shortcuts will always come back to haunt you.

  3. Actually , I am not surprised as many are being exposed. He has always been very arrogant and when he played for the Blue Jays the fans did not like him because of his comments about Toronto were always negative and he wanted to play for a winning team.. Let the truth prevail.
  4. Up until this garbage came up I had him as the most talented pitcher still alive. I don't like to give that kind of credit to a cheater, so who is it now? Pedro Martinez?
  5. Clemens has disgraced himself. He is still one of the greats but like Bonds his image is tarnished and worst of all he lied about it.
  6. I'd cast a vote for Johan Santana.

    (BTW Let's Go Mets)
  7. I would say Petro Martinez as well but still have partiality to "Doc " Roy Halliday.
  8. Actually, the most talented pitcher still alive is Tom Seaver!
  9. Kkkkkkkking Felixxxxxxxx

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