The Christian Life

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  1. The Christian Life

    The Christian Life

    These are interesting "points" that I have thought up about the Christian Life and Walk. I am not saying that these are true but these are personal thoughts we can all think about and I do not want to start anything. If you like, please add your own.

    • We should stop judging and start loving. An encouraging word, a simple act of kindness, and a gentle spirit goes a longer way than pointing out each others' faults.
    • Christianity is a relationship with God. Christianity is defined as a religion but in reality it is more than a set of rules and regulations.
    • There are many people in this world who call themselves Christian but, in essence, are just putting a label on themselves to "dress up" what they are really doing up underneath. You can call yourself a jockey but we can't know you are a jockey until you get on a horse and run in a race.
    • Don't let your past get in the way of your future. Don't get caught in the Valley of Torments, move on to Greener Pastures, where the grazing is better!
    • We're all sinners, and we will make more than one mistake in our walk. But you should learn from your mistakes, not wallow in them.
    • We can always learn something new from the Bible, even if we have read it over a thousand times.
    • Jesus didn't come here to judge but to save. Some people get to caught up in judging one another, when really we should be messengers of God, not terrorists-on-wheels.
    • We should test the spirits wherever we go.
    • Sometimes God speaks to us from the most unlikely people in the most unlikely places.
    • God is not about lots of bling and bang, and he's not about aires and the latest fashion trends. God does not judge from the outside, and just because you have a Gucci bag or a wallet from K-Mart does not make you any better or worse.


  2. N-T-G;

    If Christians would remember those simple truths, they would have a much better, richer and rewarding relationship with God in their everyday lives.

  3. The act of kindness has always been with me, I guess even when I didn't realize it. The simple things one can do without thinking can mean a lot to another. OK, I will get to it. I was in a Rest. one day and while walking past a table I noticed a coat on the floor and the customer was away. I simply picked up the coat and placed it in the back of the chair. Unknown to me this customer was at the counter and saw this. I told him I saw it on the floor and picked it up. He looked at me strangely but said nothing. After a little while he came over to my table and thanked me saying "I never had anyone do something for me before" and threw down a $10.00 bill and left. I had no way to return it so I used this to pay for a meal for a homeless couple I saw a few weeks later.

  4. My dear .... This would be such a wonderful world if every one complied to all that you have said . Unfortunately we do not live in a perfect world

    Well said my dear .... well said .

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