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  1. Hi all,

    We have here in SA what we call a sel groep what is basically like a pray / book club on religious subjects.

    I am in one that we are all the age that we just no longer teenagers but not adults as well that awkward stage in your life.
    We all enjoy this a lot we gather one a week.

    We started with a new book this week, any one have any thoughts on this book ? The Christian Atheist

  2. Your book idea is an interesting concept, but as you know by definition antheism means no believe in God at all. I once wrote a book called "Dialogues with the Devil".When I started this book I had no idea the terrible danger that I was placing myself in by focusing on detailed conversations and an imagined personal relationship with the evil one. I think that the premise of your book has great credence, and is definitely something that is a viable issue today. I only wonder about the title - have you considered something like "The Christian Pretender", "False Christianity", or something similar? It's just a thought. There is another book I read recently called "Satan's False Christianity" which might serve as a research source for you as I believe it shares many basic ideas in common with your proposed theme. Your book might also want to take note of that minister who announced that she was an atheist and actually wanted to continue to sermonize from the pulpit. This was just last year, and I cannot mention the name of the Church, but this was a Canadian minister out of Toronto. She actually announced her atheism, taught atheism, and fully expected to keep her job. Oh boy, right? This story might be of interest to your book. My only other humble suggestion is that each time you sit down to write or research, pray a prayer of personal protection so that you do not become seduced by the concepts and ideas that you are being exposed to. It really does take very little to be lured into the wrong part of the garden. If at any time you start to feel sympathy for your subject matter, atheism, it is my suggestion to stop work immediately and spend intense time in prayer with the Lord.

    I did not publish my book. The reason - I had to ask myself if it served the greater good and I in the end I did not feel it was serving God. I came to realize that I was feeding my ego and my bank account, and worse yet, that the book itself could possibly have made a vulnerable reader go astray. I simply did not want to be responsible for having that happen because of me. I must say that when I made the decision to scrap the project my uncle the priest was very relieved. He suggested that next time I decide to write, perhaps "Dialogues with the Creator" or something similar might be more appropriate. I agree.
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    Hi Egraine,

    Thank you for this very interesting reply, at first i was also very skeptical with the name of the book and was not interested in reading it.
    What we did was we bought 3 books and we had our priest come over and he did assessment on your group the of people and where are we currently in our religious live stage if i can put it like that. So he guided us in what would be the best book to read next . and that was basically his recommendation what made me feel more at comfort.

    This is a very interesting link on a review on the book - .

    But I agree with you will have to pray for guidance with this book and for protection.

    We just finished the book - .

    Was very interesting we had some drama in the group and the book guided us exactly what to do when it happend.

    God is good all the time <3

    I really appreciate you input and advise

    Thank you.
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  5. Hi, thank you for the link to the review it was interesting and gave an excellent summary of the book. The comments on the review were also very insightful. If people reading this have not done so, I would highly recommend following the link. The book (as far as I can tell from the review as I have not read it yet) really makes us think about our Christian lives versus secular lives. How many times in real life do we tell others to 'do as I say, not as I do'

    The other thing that came to mind when reading the comments on the review was someone saying do we rely on God for everything or do we rely on money? I understand that this important but I also seem to remember a phrase about 'God helps those who help themselves'. If the Lord has blessed us with the ability to earn, then we need to work hard and not just expect God to pick up the tab.

    We have free choice in how we live our lives and others will judge us on our Christian actions and will judge us on our hypocritical 'atheist' life style and words.

    We really need to be aware of how we have a duty to represent our saviour by the way we live daily.

    I once read about a prisoner who had to dig out full latrines day after day. Each day he sang songs of praise whilst doing the job and said he imagined he was creating a garden for the Lord. The guards could not believe his faith, and I think, if I remember correctly that several guards and prisoners were bought to faith through his continuous joy in the Lord. If only we could stop grumbling and instead praise God for our situations.
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  6. That's just a saying and not a scripture.
    There are so many religious sayings that people use as scripture and find themselves lacking.

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