The Bride of Christ

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    Hello @geralduk,

    That is quite untrue: for I have only responded to one of your posts, and attempted to do justice to you by responding point by point. If your subsequent posts were directed to me, you should at least have had the decency to make that clear by using my name.

    I wanted to understand your reasoning, Gerald, this is why I responded: but after this rudeness on your part I no longer wish to.

    In Christ Jesus
  2. Chris my brother in the Lord

    Sorry for the misunderstanding for each of your points I had already 'covered ' I had thought in a number of previous posts posted here. Hence my 'confusion'
    By way of answering your objections or questions ,i had hope to avoid it all reducing to personalities and answered them each in turn simply as objections or queries . that any one(?) might ask or think.
    Thus my answers were not just to you ,for do not others also read your posts and mine as well as others?
    Should I not then address all those who do not write but none the less listen and read to all the posts that are written by others.
    For your questions and objections im sure others may hold as well. Then i should answer them as well as yourself should I not?
    in that regard I simply adressed the thought questions and objections you were good enough to write on and answered them for all as best I could.

    I can see no reasonable objection then to not adressing you directly as i sought to widen it to all .
    Am I not then answering you also?
    Forgive me then if my short post about confusing seemed rude . It was not intended . Clearly I was confused as i had thought that I had covered most if not all your points in other posts .
    But for claritys sake I took each point and rather than quote all your points answered all .

    The OP was to clarify what is the nature and the character of the Bride of Christ and as such I seek to have sequential thought on the matter and each post is in that regard in sequence as far as I am able. So that any may follow the argument rather than read any scripture in isolation which may or can give rise to misunderstandings.
    Thus my conviction and belief is not based upon one or two verses of scripture . But has foundations in the very first book and can be built on line upon line precept upon precept through out the Old Testament ,the New till we come to the last book .
    Thus not only prove the soundness of the doctrine but also lead anothers thinking by the way I was so led and by the grace of God reach the same conclusions and adjust their thinking if needs must and will then be counted ready at the coming of the Lord.

    In Christ
  3. Thank you for your reply, @geralduk

    'The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.'

    In Christ Jesus
    our risen and glorified
    Saviour, Lord and Head.

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