The Book of Matthew

Discussion in 'Bible Study' started by NearertoGod, Feb 10, 2008.

  1. The Book of Matthew

    I love that book. Not only does it lift me up, but it has so much meaning for me! And, I saw how much Jesus did sacrifice for is so touching. :)

    But, that just shows how much He loves us. And reading that and feeling emotion shows how much I love Him, too.
  2. It is a great book!
    I agree!!!


  3. Does anyone know how to make e-mail stationary out of these pixs ?

    WOuldn't you like to be sitting next to Him ?:).....BOY!
  4. Yes, I would love to be sitting next to Him!!!
  5. The Book of Matthew is a woderful book to study.
    Beloved, you asked about creating Stationery with that photo. You will need to save the photo to your pictures and use PSP to create the stationery. You can also add music to the stationery if you would like.

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