The Blessing of God's Creating Birds

Discussion in 'Fellowship Time' started by Annie, Jul 12, 2017.

  1. Haha...they are little bandits and brats for sure! It would be uber entertaining if not for the fuss and the damage, but still I find the antic of God's creatures to be so fascinating. Little brats! :rolleyes:
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  2. Sounds beautiful. When I used to live in the country on acreage we had all kinds of birds, too. I also love the owls living near you.
    They are fascinating creatures, but a little scary looking....... lol
    I sure do love them all, though. So relaxing to year them talk. I wish I knew what they were saying....
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  3. They're probably plotting their next bird-seed raid, or poop attack LOL
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  4. Hey, Annie, sorry it has taken me a while to reply to this post. Yes, a spot of tea would be such fun and we could always "birdtalk" while the birds entertain us. But I don't have much of a backyard so the deck would have to do. Right now, however, today we are expecting the temp to go to 103 degrees. It has been in the 90's for a week. Interesting you mention tea as I am a big morning coffee drinker like CoffeeDrinker on here but I do enjoy a spot of tea some afternoons. (if it is herbal and has no caffeine in it). :)
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  5. That reminds me of Hitchcock's movie, "The Birds". :D Also, my daughter and her husband were out walking the other evening just before dark on one of our beautiful city trails here when suddenly they spotted three night owls. One swooped down at them and tried to scare them away. It worked as they turned around and went back down the trail. I was thinking it was likely because they had nests near by because we just don't have this happen often. Red-winged blackbirds will try to scare us away making lots of noise and swooping down at you near a pond in a city park we often visit. Owls usually stay away and out of sight.
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  6. Well i want to hang out and drink tea with both of you and talk about birds, too. Don't leave me out..........(y)
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  7. LOL, of course, you are cordially invited to the 'virtual' tea party! However, if I remember rightly, you have a pool??? sandpiper has a deck, and I only have a small courtyard garden, sooo, I think we'll be meeting at YOUR house:p

    By the way, if it's hot here, and sandpiper is expecting 103 degrees, WHAT is going on in your neck of the woods. You must be BAKING....
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  8. It's high 90s here. I leave for France tomorrow. It's mid 50's at night to low 70's in the day. That's freezing for don't know what to
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  9. I knew an old guy years ago that would share with the non believers -- "if you don't believe in God go buy yourself a bird feeder and watch God's little creatures for a while." I try to keep our 6 bird feeders full at all times. Truly, a joy to watch.
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  10. Delighted to welcome you to the forum M-Bob. Yes, God's winged ones are a joy to watch.
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  11. I enjoy talking to birds, and they enjoy the love they receive.
    My friends enjoy it too to see the birds joyful reactions.
    It is sad that my friends don't talk to the birds like they do to a dog or cat.
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  12. Hey CD, I missed your post, you must be en francais as I type. Hope you're having a great trip, and I weep for your packing dilemma, not! Seriously, hope you enjoy your trip in Europe, and I'm sending you many excellent prayers across the Channel:)
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  13. Me too, Coffee, I hope you are enjoying every minute and I am believing for your safe travels~ :)
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  14. I am third to say... we are praying for you and praying your time is truly blessed.
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  15. France was beautiful and the people were so nice to me. I loved the architecture, roads, landscaping, FOOD........ it was an amazing trip. thank you for the prayers. there was actually an incident right before we landed at the airport in France. Once we walked through the airport I saw many military with machine guns walking about. Apparently, there was a threat of some sort at the airport. Scary times. The trip over all was wonderful. It was a business trip so not much leisure time, but nonetheless, i was still in france and you will not hear me complain. Thank you for the prayers... they worked.
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  16. The weather was perfect and the food was amazingly wonderful. i ate white bread every day, which i never do..... lol
    I wasn't even scared once, which is a miracle in itself. The trip was great, but i am so glad to be home..... thanks so much for all the prayers. i truly did feel them.
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  17. Hi to all! Because of the moving of my husband into an adult family home and all that has involved I have been here very little and then mainly to check the prayer wall or post there. But I have not forgotten my bird loving friends and continue to have something to share about God's creation here or somewhere on the forum.
    Sadly, however, The big bush outside my kitchen window had to be cut way back in order for my son to paint the outside of the house. The birds who frequently landed there have lost their temporary home and I am missing the daily show. In time it will grow back and they will be back. Meanwhile they have found the neighbor's bushes yet still come to my feeding areas for breakfast. Paint job sure does look good.
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  18. The birds are surely bemoaning their temporary accommodation, but looking forward to their freshly painted back-drop, and already growing bushes, and I'm sure will return to their 'up-dated' home:) Especially if they get breakfast!!!
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  19. I love birds and I love tree's / bushes / flowers.... i hate you had to cut that bush down. i have a really pretty tree in my backyard that over looks my swimming pool. It sheds it's pink flowers into my pool. i have no idea how the previous owners handled this, but it's so messy. I am sad to say that in September or early October I am redoing all my landscaping and that tree is history.. bye bye tree. hahahahha

    i will miss the birds that sing in that tree. any idea how i can invite the birds back into my yard without a tree? will they even come back without a tree? What kind of feeders should i invest in?

    i bet your house looks beautiful. A paint job does so much for the house and brightens it up. I hope the birds will keep coming back to your yard...... i knwo this will sound like a child's comment, but....... i wish animals could talk.. hahaha

    When i was very young i used to dress our family dog up in baby clothes and teach her school every day. i really believed if i could teach her the alphabet she could talk to me. i would sit and talk to her and teach her how to pronounce her words. That dog never spoke to me.. hahahhaha
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  20. what's for breakfast? bird seed? bread? my backyard is all cement... how do i get he birds to come back to me after i remove this tree from my yard?
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