The Birth of Christ in Gen 38

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  1. The Birth of Christ in Gen 38

    Naturally the narrative in Gen 38 is about Judah and Tamar but, there are hints to a hidden picture of Christ:

    The name Timnath means "appointment" and Tamar met Judah before Timanth. It is appointed unto man, once to die, and Mary met God before Christ's appointed time.

    Tamar was promised a goat, Mary was promised a scape goat, for he will save his people from their sin.

    Both Tamar and Mary wanted an assurance of the promise.

    Tamar was given the rod, and Mary was told "The power of God..."

    Tamar was given a signet ring, and Mary was told "He will be called the Son ..."

    In Numbers we find out that an empty vessel without bracelets is unclean. Tamar was given bracelets (was clean) and Mary was told "The Holy Ghost will come upon you (not unclean)

    When they were discovered to be pregnant both were threatened. When the father was discovered, they both were honored.

    Judah was told "There was no prostitute here" Joseph was told not to be afraid to take Mary.

    Tamar had twins… Mary had the God-man.

    The names of the twins means "Breaking forth" "rising sun" and Jesus was called "Dayspring"

    Pharez was a usurping second son (in a long line) and Jesus was the second man who obtained the promise. (Adam being the first man, and he did not obtain the promise).

    These are just the hints. The details occur in the word-for-word double entendre and riddle.

    Someone who is dead is said to be asleep, and when you are in the dust you are dead. So in riddle-speak, if you were called awake, you would be 'alive from the dust', just as Adam was and as the name 'Er' means. And Er represents Adam who was killed by God because of sin.

    Onan was supposed to beget living children on behalf of Er, just as Israel was supposed to beget 'living children' on behalf of Adam. Both Onan and Israel refused, and instead 'wasted his seed on the earth'. And Onan represents Israel which was killed in the desert because they did not bear spiritual children.

    When Judah says he will send a goat, the word for 'send' also means 'sow' and is a hint of God begetting Jesus.

    Not only is it a picture of the birth of Christ, but one of a greater context how God fulfills the Leverate law.

    The 'rock' is a type of Christ. How many parallels are there between the rock and Christ vs, the narrative of Tamar and the birth of Christ?

    Are pictures like this intentional or merely an over-active imagination? How many are required to convince you that they are intentional?
  2. :goodpost:Foreshadows of Christ are littered all over the OT. I think your post shows a few great examples of these.:preach:
  3. Hi Mr Bob. The Old Testament is Christ conealed and the NEw Christ revealed. Make no mistake about it Christ is the central theme of the scriptures from cover to cover. A really good study is the tabernacle that God gave Moses- Christ is represented in every detail.
  4. I find this very interesting and would like to talk with you. I thought this might help you out with your work study. I hope you can read this print.
    Psalms 107:8@43
    Oh that men would praise the Lord for his goodness, and for his wonderful works to the children of men!
    Whoso is wise, and will observe these things, even they shall understand the loving kindness of the Lord.

    So if you are a Christian that wants to be wise and understand the loving kindness of the Lord you need to study the wonderful works done for the children of men. Which are written within your bible.
    For the Heavenly Father to accomplish sending his son into this world to accomplish what is written in Jeremiah 33 and what Jesus is saying in John's gospel that his will is to finish his Father's work written in chapter four the heavenly Father has a very creative way of using seven barren women presenting a newborn child unto their heavenly Father and their husbands, with the building of the first temple to say happy birthday unto his own son named Wonderful Counselor. When reading the bible it is about God sending his son to us to take away the transgressions of all. This is the only reason that the Hebrew people exist through the body of Abraham and God did not leave out his sons birth month in the writings of the Prophets. In order to do this he has a plan and the book of Genesis begins with the heavenly Father being pleased and finding all he had created to be good and blessed all of his creation. Then God is disappointed with man and in the end destroys his creation saving only one man and his family being eight people in all. A number God will use again to accomplish his plans of preventing Satan from destroying all of mankind. After the flood God selects another man that makes our heavenly father very pleased with his obedience unto God by not sparing his only son given unto him through a miracle of God. Afterwards Abraham said, God will provide, and that he did by not sparing even his own son of himself to go unto his death for all mankind that choose to believe in the first resurrection. Sarah will be 90 years old when the heavenly Father puts his plans into action showing he is the giver of life and no one else in the universe. Sarah is the first of seven women that are barren to receive a miracle to have a child. Mary will be the eighth woman who is not barren but is the chosen daughter of Sarah to give birth unto the Fathers son. Everything God instructs the people to do such as building the first temple has to do with God sending his son into this world to do away with Adams transgression and ours. The first temple was completed in seven years eighth month. Always remember that verse 43 of Psalms 107 is telling us to study these events and miracles that he has done for the children of men. Together with the completion of the temple in seven years eighth month, there are seven women who are barren that receive a miracle birth with Mary who is not barren being the eighth woman to receive a birth miracle, I have often heard from people that there are no coincidences found within the bible as we read about the power of God. Verse 43 of Psalms 107 needs to be applied by us who love Jesus so we can teach the future church how to find in the bible what we have been told isn't there, to tell us the real birth month of Jesus. For God is certainly telling us his son's birth month in our bibles through the wonderful works being done for the children of men. We Just simply need to apply verse 43 and instill the correct answer's in our life. That we can publicly celebrate the truthful answers for our Holy Day Celebrations unto our Lord. When you read about God coming down from heaven to fill that tabernacle during the feast of Tabernacles which is in the fall of the year, it is the feast month of the birth of Jesus to take place in the future. I have even asked a Catholic believer if all Catholics except Dec 25 for the birth of Jesus and it was said that many of the Catholic Christians feel it is the wrong month as do most Protestant Christians. These seven women plus Mary being the eighth woman to have miracle births combined with the event of the first tabernacle that King David wanted to build being filled during the feast of Tabernacles was symbolically representing the future birth of Jesus.

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