The bill of human rights.

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  1. Much space these days is taken up with human rights and on the face of it they seem eminently acceptable as a good foundation for world peace or peaceful coexistence.

    "Man has the right to life"
    The first commandment of man.

    The most absurd vain Godless and wicked assertion ever put on paper and made law.
    "A man's life is in his nostrils " The only breath which is his,is the one that fills his lungs.
    What he says with it and what he does with it is up to him,wet her it be good or evil.But he should understand he will one day give an account of both his words and his actions.
    Fill your lungs deep with air and hold it and then consider this.
    When a mangoes to work he has the right and expectation to receive some forms of recompense or wages. On the foundation of God's Word that says "every labourer is worthy of his hire"
    While your wondering what to say or do with the breath that is yours by what right is the next breath which is not yours;yours?
    When did you ever labour for it?earned it,or deserve it or can be said to be yours by right?
    In very truth the first breath any man took in this life was at his mother's labour expense. She had to work very hard and labour to bring you to birth for you to take your first breath.
    In truth then all men are in a love debt to their mothers.
    How much the more then is any man in a love debt to almighty God for every breath they have ever taken or will?

    "If God then says the wages of sin is death "
    Who's word will stand?
    God's or man's?

    If any man holds to tightly to the idea that he has the right to life,he will then reject the truth that "the wages of sin is death "
    If he then rejects that truth, he will also rejects the truth that follows it. "..........but the free gift of God is eternal life through our Lord Jess Christ "

    The ones then that hold to the bill of human rights so tightly and put their trust on it.will be the ones most likely to lose what they think they have.

    "For he that would save his life will lose it,but he that will lose his life for my sake and the gospel will finditagain"
  2. I believe I understand what you are trying to say. However there is another side of your comment in that there is a sense in which the Christian has no “rights” of his own, because he has surrendered his life to Christ. Christ “owns” the believer. OK! I got that. 1 Corth. says clearly that “You are not your own; you were bought at a price”.

    But God’s authority over us does not negate God’s image in us. Our submission to the will of God does not annul God’s command to “love your neighbor as yourself” as Jesus said in Matt. 23:39. In fact, we serve God most when we serve others.

    So then, any honest study of the Bible must acknowledge that man, as God’s special creation, has been blessed with certain “human rights.” Any true student of the Bible will be stimulated toward ideals such as equity and justice and benevolence.

    Is it not true that America’s founding fathers put it well when they said:.......
    “all men are created equal . . . endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights.”

    Such a statement seems to me to agree with Scripture. The Bible says that man is created in the image of God in Gen. 1:27. Because of this, wouldn't you agree that man has a certain dignity and was given dominion over the rest of creation.

    Throughout history, most Christians have understood their responsibility to aid their fellow human beings. The majority of hospitals and orphanages in our world were founded by concerned Christians. Many of the great humanitarian reforms of history, including abolition, were spearheaded by Christian men and women seeking justice.

    Today, Christians are still working to combat human rights abuses and to promote the welfare of all people. As they preach the Gospel around the world, they are digging wells, planting crops, giving clothes, dispensing medicine, and providing education for the destitute. This is as it should be
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  3. What many Christians laboured long and hard to build has in the main been stolen.
    Men want the liberty and the fruits but do not want God who is the foundation both of man's liberties and blessings.
    "For every good and perfect gift cometh from above"
    You take God out and all you will inherit is ashes.
    Man was CREATED in the image of God,but he is BORN in the image of Adam,or shapen in iniquity. He is then as we all once we're "sons of disobedience "
    What is a brother? If not one of the same household and of the same father.
    What then is a neighbour? If not one of another house and of another father.
    We are called to do good to all men and to love our neighbours as ourself,"but expecially to the household of faith"
    We do men no favours by bolstering their rebellion or giving credence to the bill of human rights that is all of man and not of God at all.
    In truth the assertion that 'man has the right to life' but echoes the whisper in eves ear "ye shall not surely die" and in effect says no matter what evil you do,no evil
    will come.
    I do not believe at all that man in of and by himself has any inalienable rights.
    As you pointed out the USA constitution has God right at the beginning that is self evident that all men are create equal.
    Yet there is a move in the USA to take GOD out of the government. Well then you will see not only a rise far worse than before if racism which evolution gives a foundation to.But you will also see arise of real persecution of the saints of God.and they will use the excesses of some to justify it.
    Man was created in the image of God, he is not born in the image of God. He is born in the image of his father Adam.
    Jess was the good Samaritan who though despised and rejected by his brethren of the flesh was in truth our good neighbour who loved us as he loved the Father.
    Why do you think Jess said you MUST be born again?
    Because the image of God was lost or marred by the fall and corruption of man.
    HE being the express image of the invisible God came to see and to save that which was lost.
    We then who by the grace of God have been begotten again unto lively hope are renewed in the image of Christ daily and are therefore made acceptable to God in Christ who now abides in us.
    The time of the gentiles is at hand.
    If then we would truly love our neighbours as ourselves we should not encourage them I the false hope of a human rights bill and 3rd our age them to put their faith and hope in it,
    for their hope will die with them.

    In Christ
  4. The dignity and integrity of man cannot be separated from man's relationship with God.It is God as it were that stood or stands a man on his two feet.
    It is God that changed the serpent from an upright creature to one "who locked the dust ".
    In judgement.
    Man was given the dominion of all creation.Yes. But he in effect handed over the title deeds to the devil . When he sinned.So that now the whole world lieth in the hands of the wicked one and "all the kingdoms of this world" are his to give to whom so ever he will at a price .

    What then inainiable rights has man got?
    Certainly none regardless of what he does. Certainly not to all the good Christians may do as a good neighbour.
    He has no right to hospitals they are a mercy.
    He has no right to schools they too are a mercy.
    What God DID give him was the perfect liberty as sons of God by creation.To do any good he may think or find to do.That included the tree of life.
    God did not give them liberty to do evil.
    Though many mistakenly say He did.
    I am not saying then he had no saying that that liberty is on the foundation of God.
    That man without God or independent from God he is as a tree cut off at the root. And he that has shall more be given to.But he that had not, even that which he thinks he has shall he taken from him.

    In Christian
  5. Freedom of speech.
    Decreed an inaniable right.

    This is today's corrupt and perverted idea of freedom of speech.

    I am a human being,almost a God. All things are subject to man. Man is subject to no one. As such I have inaniable rights,one of which is 'freedom of speech'
    This means I can pretty well say anything I like,no matter how fouled mouthed,rotten stinking thing I can say. No matter how lying,corrupting deceiving it might be,no matter how blasphemous it is I have the right to say it.
    That is an abuse of liberty and is taking diabolical liberties.
    I would then say that those who abuse their liberties will lose them and no bill of human rights will,can,does or even should preserve them.

    I would argue that the following is what real freedom of speech really is.You judge which is right.
    Real freedom of speech is having the liberty to speak the truth.
    Not what I think it is,not what you say it is not what you hope it is or wish it was but what the truth is whether good or evil and to have the liberty to tell it like it is.without some black booted thug putting a knife in your back or beating your brains in because they don't want the truth,don't like the truth and hate it,
    I must also warn.
    That if any man who says he values the truth and his freedom of speech to say it,keeps quiet for a peace same when for the truths sake he should speak up. He is going to lose your liberty.
    For if you keep quiet for peace sake when you should speak up for the truths sake.then you will decrease and those who don't want the truth,don't like the truth and hate the truth will increase and there will be fewer opportunities to speak the truth.
    And there will come a tipping point when they will be in the majority and you in the minority and for you to stand up and speak the truth will mean first persecution, then prosecution, then death. And no bill of human rights will,can,does or even should preserve them.

    In Christian
  6. What are you defending?
    Human rights?
    What rights are those and on what foundation are they laid or built upon?
    I see nowhere in scripture any such rights nor indeed should we be contending for them.

    Nor to use them as the foundation of any defense at all.

    In Christian
  7. Gerald. Did you begin this thread to have a dialog and discussion or just to start a confrontation?
    Is your goal in this to beat those who disagree with you into submission?

    Now, do not confuse what man deserves. Man deserves nothing. Man is a sinner, depraved and destined for hell.
    It is through the GRACE of God that man is able to be saved from that future.

    However, if you will just study a little more with an open heart I think that you will see that the Bible says that man is created in the image of God in Gen. 1:27. Now because of this, man has a certain dignity and was given dominion over the rest of creation as told to us in Gen. 1:26. Isn't that true????

    The Mosaic Law is full of examples of how God expects everyone to be treated humanely. The Ten Commandments contain prohibitions against murder, theft, coveting, adultery, and bearing false testimony. Again, isn't that true??????

    These five laws promote the ethical treatment of our fellow man which realy tell us that God has given us certain rights. Other examples in the Law include commands to treat immigrants well in Ex. 22:21; Lev. 19:33-34, and to provide for the poor in Lev/ 19:10 and Deut. 15:7-9; to grant interest-free loans to the poor Ex. 22:25, and to release all indentured servants every fifty years Lev. 25:39-41. Is that not true??????

    Now if those are not "rights" then what do YOU call them?
  8. I do not dispute at all that we should love our neighbours as ourselves.
    But what a I am warning about is to use a human rights bill which is Godless and asserts that which is contary to God.
    Seeking to build a world without God and laws founded upon man's laws rather than God's.
    That Christians should not use human rights as the foundation of their objection and opposition to wickedness. But God's law and the principles of the Kingdom of God.
    If Christians apeal on the foundations of human rights rather than on God,they may well win little victories but in the long run they are putting their trust more in Egypt so to speak than in the Word Of God.
    I do not deny man was created in the image of God.
    but he is BORN in the image of Adam.
    or "shapen in iniquity ".

    In Christ
  9. Those 'rights'as you call them are not rights at all.
    Man does not have rights, as it is now called.
    Man does have the right to receive wages on the foundation of God's Word."every labourer is worthy of his hire"
    But that is on the foundation of God's Word not some in a in able right IN man.
    Or of man.
    Any good a christian does to his neighbour on the foundation of God's Word not only to love your neighbour but to do good to them.
    Is not the right of your neighbour.
    It is the liberty of the Kingdom of God.
    If he denies God or never enters the kingdom of God he will lose even that.

    In Christ
  10. Hey geralduk. I, like you, don't necessarily believe in "inalienable" rights, exactly, either. However, I think if we understand "rights" in context, I'm not so sure we can declare them as universally evil...

    For example, declaring that humans have a right to life gives nations justification to write laws like "No one can murder another person," and can give consequences to people who break that law. I do not think stating that we have a right to life is a declaration that God doesn't have authority over life and death. I think it's just a practical way to prevent rampant murder. In the context of a generally unbelieving world, I think we could come to see the "inalienable rights" concept as, at worst, a practical necessity, and at best, perhaps even, at times, a dim, convoluted view into the laws of God written on the hearts of all people.

    I also agree that we're not going to find a way to create a global utopia through drafting statements about rights. But I also don't think we could do it through enforcing "God's laws" on a generally unbelieving population. Nor are we called to do so. It's not our role to enforce heaven on people through legal reform. It's our role to be part of building the kingdom by being faithful ambassadors within all of these human societies.
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  11. Thanks for a thoughtful reply.
    The justification for making a law that states no man can unlawfully take another man's life is on the foundation of God's law that states "Thought shalt not kill".
    If you consider a growing idea and perception that a judicial sentence of death is the same as murder.Then you realise where things are going.
    Man does not have the right to life.
    It is a gift of God.
    and if any man takes another man's life,primarily he is answerable to God who gave it.
    and even if he escapes man's justice he will not escape God's.
    The laws of God are for conviction of sin not make men perfect. Romans.
    If man will not and cannot keep God's law they will not and cannot keep man's.
    In truth if you remove the death penalty you undermine the rule of law.
    I would also think that those who would and have removed the death penalty would also like the removal of prisons if it was at all possible. And those same people
    Have removed corporeal punishment from schools and are even now seek to make it a criminal offence to justly smack your children.
    What every child of God is to do is manifest the kingdom of God. And be like the moon that in the darkest night bares witness to the truth that the sun still shines and there is coming a perfect day.
    English law was founded upon Biblical and by that God's law,
    That at root says all men are free to do any good they think or find to do.But they are not at liberty to do evil and that which is contrary to law.Thus all men are free FROM the law but the wicked and evil doer are bound by the law and punished.
    This can be found both in the book of Genesis and the letter to the Romans.
    God still rules.
    The wages of sin is still death.
    I will speak then of the UK?
    IF ENGLISH LAW is based upon God's law and gives men freedom from the law,what then of Roman law which is man's law that at root says all men are bound by the law as to what you can and cannot do.
    We then as a nation have like Esau exchanged our inheritance for a mess of pottage.Liberty for bondage and the truth for a lie.
    You say we cannot impose God's laws? Then they will impose theirs.
    And in recent months have made equal in law what is not equal in fact and have therefore to all intents and purposes made a lie equal to the truth in law.
    GOD is not democratic in the end the truth will sit on the throne and he will rule the nation's with a rod of iron.
    But neither is he a tyrant.
    Men are free by their democracy to elect whom they will.
    But as Jess said it,they will receive one who comes in his own name (the anti christ)But they will not receive him whom God has sent.
    In Christ
  12. Man's unbelief is no justification.
    Paul speaks of an evil spirit of unbelief.
    God did not justify the children of Israel unbelief when they failed to enter the promised land after 40 DAYS.
    The world's unbelief is unjustifiable as Paul argues in Romans.
    And no man has any excuse.
    The UK is in a worse situation than any nation on earth for she has had so much.
    Yet God will perfect that which he has there is still hope.
    But what price the UK will have to pay is another matter if she is to recover.
    In Christ
  13. Lots of things to think about there:) I think I'll just focus on these ideas for the time being.

    I think, yes, these things are true. But what should our response to them be?

    Does God want people to obey Him because they are compelled to by the laws of their nation, or because their hearts have been transformed by His power? And if people only obey because they are compelled to, how could that "obedience" benefit them?

    I think the vast majority of people, even (perhaps especially) those writing the laws, know that it's delusional to think that those laws will be what saves us. And I also think most Christians probably know we'd be delusional to think we'd do any better if we were the ones in charge. I mean, I've been involved with a lot of Christian organisations in my life, and it's not like they're any more free of corruption, power politics and spitefulness than any secular organisations. Most of them can't even really agree on what a set of "Biblical" rules even look like. And that's not to be insulting. Actually, I think that's part of God's plan. We're not meant to be the ones in charge in this world. We're meant to be the lowest of the low, and just serve; that's where we reflect Christ the best.

    As you say, God's kingdom, where He will rule the nations, is coming. But it's not time for it yet. In the meantime, His ambassadors for that kingdom are out there laying straight the paths in people's hearts in preparation for that time (John 1:23). We're in the "transforming people's lives from the inside out" business, not the "making sure everyone follows the right rules, because we know what's best for them" business. Amen?

    Anyway, peace bro. Thanks for the civil and engaging conversation.
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  14. WhAt it all boils down to is the bill of human rights is the foundation for justice to be founded on man's law who seeks to be a law unto himself and recognises no higher authority than himself.
    It makes idols equal with God,
    And that Christians should not resort to it for their defense.
    If they are persecuted,for the truth and the Gospels sake,no bill of human rights will in the long term save them from it.But in the short term you give it substance it has no right to have.
    If they are prosecuted for the Gospels sake, yes plea in law as to your innocence.But the bill of human rights will say you are guilty.
    If you are put to death for the gospels sake seek a better resurrection than what the bi,like of human rights will give you.

    In Christ
  15. IMO, so called 'rights' were fabricated by man to give the illusion that the masses were getting something, but look how often they are taken away when those in power have the whim to do so to fit their agenda.

    When in actuality, every man, woman, and child has free will. Why would we need a piece a paper to tell us we are free to worship as we please?

    I liken it to the trickery and deception of man made law; it's contrived to CONtrol the masses through coercion and intimidation while the masses don't realize it really is slavery.

    Take near the beginning of Exodus 20 where it states that God Almighty freed the Israelites from the house of bandage(slavery). And that is mentioned many times in the bible.

    Or take the warning from God Almighty in 1 Samuel chapter 8 when the Israelites wanted a king. (I suggest you read it)
  16. Greetings Every One,
    This thread is full of many views of things and it seems a very major player in this topic has kind of been left out. @Roads and @Major you both made a very good reply and brought in some good truth and this is what prompted me to say this.

    Our founding fathers of this country were walking with God and lead by the Holy Spirit to this land and it was through the Holy Spirit that they first wrote the bill of rights for the people and the land. So to say these "rights" are opposed to God and His written word or ways is kind of strange to say the least.

    Yes over time our goverment or leaders have slowly pulled away from the origional ways and began to follow other goverments and their ways which is simply trying to meet their needs with out God. This is the world system or the "babylon way or system". We know who is god over this system - why yes it is our enemy the devil. he is the one behind all these changes in the laws and through out the land.

    I have watched these changes take place over the last 30 years. That is when God got my attention on it. Things like the pledge of allegiance and other songs out of school. Took away the rod from parents so to say and turned things so children could punish the parents through the law for spanking them. How about this one....taking prayer out of schools, however prayer is allowd to any god including ours but the Name Of Jesus shall not be spoken. See the devil took the power in the name of Jesus out of the schools and one atheist woman was behind that.

    he tried to stop Paul and the bunch from speaking the name of Jesus then and has not ever stopped. See Every knee Will Bow to the name of Jesus and every Tongue shall confess that Jesus is Lord. That includes the devil and his bunch. They know this and there is nothing they can do about it - so for thousands of years they have been trying to silence the mighty name of Jesus.

    I could go on and on but dont want to side track the issue. The rights of man were influenced by God and those rights were given for men who respected God. Now many generations later men have abandoned their respect to God and make their own ways but this does not make the bill of rights that was first given to man something evil or opposed to God.

    God Bless and Merry Christmas
    James W
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  17. I disagree about the so called 'founding fathers'. Most of them were free masons that were infiltrated by jesuits, their god is the god of this world now. They were traitors that did most of their underhanded dealings through the trickery of language.

    Example 1: The 'P' in 'We the People'. In English grammar, whenever a word is capitalized within a sentence it denotes specifically to something. In this instance, the people that were assembled and signed that document. Also, the rest of people that were here back then never knew or had a chance to approve that document.

    Example 2: The treaty that was signed after the American revolution; the treaty of Paris. When a country wins a war, the treaty is signed on the winning countries property. Also, if you read the treaty of Paris, you can clearly tell it was authored by the King, or his agents.

    There is, and has been, a great deal of deception with the history of America. The constitution was changed to insert yet further trickery with just one simple word. They changed 'for the people' to 'of the people', or visa versa. I can't remember which way it went.

    Look at how the government run school(fool) system teaches lies. Children are taught that the civil war was to free the slaves. Wrong! It didn't free the slaves, but put everyone in America into slavery by the use of just 1 word, citizen. People went from being sovereign to slaves of gov't. You see how tricky they are? Just one word.

    Another thing to take note of, the founding fathers had a great deal of wealth and property still back in England, and the King threatened to take it from them unless they cooperated with him.

    What happened to inalienable rights? Did they change into civil rights?

    What about the missing amendment, the 13th if I remember correctly. Or was it replaced? It stated that attorneys were banned from holding public office(paraphrased). But now a great deal of gov't positions are held by attorneys. Look at how they write laws; using tricky language and the bills are hundreds of pages long with crap hidden in them. They vote on them and many of them haven't even read them.
  18. I disagree brother. Most of the information available today about the founding fathers was altered by the Wilson administration to pervert their beliefs. The most quoted source made by the founding fathers was the word of God. Because of this alteration, the result is we have the corrupt system because the people do not do their own homework and their civic duty. We end up voting on the lesser of the two evils. We are getting what we deserve.
  19. You're right about Americas founding fathers DUMPSTER.. They were Jesuit controlled free masons. The great seal of the United States tells us who their god was! It's funny how we get the illusion that they were Christians and stood for freedom; all the while murdering natives and enslaving Africans! Our history is revised and gives the illusion of "democracy", but in essence teaches anarchy towards the true God
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  20. Thanks for the reply,
    Now then here is the deal
    You Have The "Right" to beleive anything you wish
    You Have the "right" to say what ever you wish until it goes against a rule or violates anothers "Rights"
    You have the "Right" to choose Life or Death
    You have the "Right" to choose Gods way or any other way you desire.

    No one can stop you or force you to think or beleive anything you dont want to because you have that "Right"

    If you decide to get serious with this and do a thorough research and dig way past history books and religous writings you will find the truth about the founding of this country and what motivated the founding men and their love for God.

    With that said I bid you a very Merry Christmas and a Blessed new year
    God Bless
    James W

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