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  1. The Bible:

    Q: What is the Bible about?

    A: NOTE: This post is not intended to ‘oversimplify’ the Bible; however it is meant to dissolve some of the overly complicated doctrines mankind has created from the Bible causing division among the peoples.

    The Bible is:

    1. About our God
    2. About God’s Creations
    3. The explanation of the spirit realm
    4. The explanation to why we NEED God still
    5. The history of the peoples (God’s people) on this Earth
    6. God’s perfect plan for mankind to be able to share in life eternal
    7. Our method from God’s own mind to know Him

    In a sense we can say that the Bible is an instruction manual: Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.

    To get to heaven and know God you simply need to do one thing-DO RIGHT! But since we are living a fallen world; we are incapable of ‘doing right’ on our own- hence the reason we need God; we need Jesus Christ who paid the price for our sin. You learn to do right-through the Holy Spirit by: reading your BIBLE! (And then doing what it says.)

    There is no ‘grey area’ with God: there is Light and Darkness; Good and evil. God Challenges us to do good so He may reward us. You either believe the Bible or you don’t. Now believing the Bible takes wisdom, understating, time and effort-but without the Holy Spirit it is void. Again-we NEED God and Jesus Christ’s atoning blood so we may receive the Spirit- which will in turn provide wisdom and understanding when we provide the time and effort to pursue good.

    Man(kind) is designed to need God; we cannot operate in His Spiritual realm on this Earth without Him-it is folly to try to do so. So what is the first baby step into the Spirit’s realm? FAITH! Believe on the LORD God who created the universe and everything in it; who gave us the WORD and the WORD became flesh in Jesus Christ; who died to cover our sins (imperfection) so that we may go to heaven! Not for our own sake; but for the GLORY of the One who created us.

    When we take away the Glory of creation-and faith in His creation; we weaken or nullify the faith within ourselves and others. HAVE FAITH (Believe)-That is the theme of the Bible. Believe the WORD of God and allow the Holy Spirit to teach you. Call on the name of the Son-Jesus Christ. This is the Gospel.

    Let go of your ‘self (man)made ideas’ and believe the WORD…..
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  2. Good advice Mike!

    Romans 10:17..........
    "Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God".
  3. Now the only question is will we 'take heed' of it? Not for my sake-but for the sake of the One who is in me-only God can open the ears and eyes of those who seek him.

    How ridiculous will it seem when we are in Heaven Major; will we even consider such things anymore? Maybe you and I can get together for lunch one decade on the third floor in New Jerusalem? ;)
  4. It's a date! I am a lot older than you and chances are that I will be waiting for YOU.
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