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  1. Has anyone seen the show on the History channel The Bible? I saw a few episodes and it looked good so now I have rented the DVD. What does anyone else think on the show?
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  2. Really? No replies? I recently started watching it again. I didn't finish it the first time though. It's good but feels like it's meant for television, and not in the good way. It's not terrible though.
  3. I watched a couple episodes. And I know what you mean when you say "not in the good way". I think it's that director, that's why I didn't go see the movie he recently put out. I was all excited to see it but then I realized who was directing it, and went hiking instead.
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  4. On many occasions it looks like a story adapted from The Bible rather than story of The Bible
  5. I also don't really care for the liberties taken. I understand that changes have to be made for things to flow, which is fine, but there were things that were changed just to add drama to situations that really didn't need it. Like Sarah running to save Isaac from being sacrificed by Abraham. It was just unnecessary. There are other examples but I'm not very far in this time so I can't remember them clearly enough to describe them.
    That new movie(Son of God?) doesn't look great either. It's sad because I really wanted the series and movie to be good.

    Here's hoping Exodus with Christian Bale is awesome!
  6. I loved it. Especially the doubting Thomas part. How could anyone not like it? It's about God! :)
  7. Oh ya good point. I do remember those unnecessary fill in the blanks parts. Lol. Idk I just thought it was cool...nothing could come close to the actual word of God which is ACTUALLY Jesus... So it is what it is. My kids loved it too.

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