The Bible and the Fundamentals of Christianity

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  1. The Bible and the Fundamentals of Christianity

    Hey all, I'm "new" to Christianity here and don't understand all the basics of the religion; I need help understanding and figuring out the basics and fundamentals of the Christian faith.

    I'm currently reading I Romans and have read through John, Mark, and I + II Corinthians. I've gotten a few basics from them... but what are the most important points of Christianity to you and where are they stated in the Bible?

    Thanks so much!
  2. I actually think Wikipedia provides a thorough account of what Christianity is, at least for a general, primary understanding of its tenets.

    "Its followers, known as Christians, believe that Jesus is the Son of God and the Messiah (or Christ) prophesied in the Old Testament, the part of their scriptures they have in common with Judaism. To Christians, Jesus Christ is a teacher, the model of a pious life, the revealer of God, and most importantly the saviour of humanity who suffered, died, and was resurrected in order to bring about salvation from sin. Christians maintain that Jesus ascended into heaven and most denominations teach that Jesus will judge the living and the dead, granting everlasting life to his followers. Christians describe the New Testament account of Jesus' ministry as the Gospel, or "good news".

    The Trinity is often regarded as an essential doctrine of mainstream Christianity. The common understanding of the Holy Trinity, espoused in the Nicene Creed, is one God who exists in three Persons – Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit – who are coequal, co-eternal, of the same substance. "Father, Son and Holy Spirit" represents both the immanence and transcendence of God. God is believed to be infinite and God's presence may be perceived through the actions of Jesus and the Holy Spirit."

    Source: Christianity - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I would personally recommend that you read through the entire New Testament (including Revelation) as well as Genesis and Exodus in the Old Testament to understand all of the main stories, but eventually the entire Bible is key. Understandably, however, the prophetic and genealogical books are more difficult, but I find that their contents only strengthen your faith once you study them. Consistent Bible study will allow you to understand the "core" better!
  3. Thanks for the link! I'll be sure to check it out!

    But do you have any suggestions concerning order of the books?

  4. In my humble opinion, the best way to find out what Christianity consists of is to find a secret place, to shut the door and talk to God and read His Word and let Him speak to you, through your thoughts and through His word. I have been learning that in a Bible Study I attend at my church. It is something I am practicing now and has been a new experience, listening to hear God's voice speak to me in various ways.

    I wish you good reading and hope you learn a lot from the saints here on this forum. Everyone has varying ideas, but with God, it is all the same. You just have to listen to Him speak to your heart. Bonnie
  5. That's one thing I have trouble with really. Just having a "conversation" with God. I can't seem to grasp it. I try to talk to him... I try to clear my mind of everything but him... but I can never seem to get a response. Then again I don't know what to expect. The closest thing I think I've witnessed to a "conversation" with God is when I asked "If you were to make me a certain type of animal instead of human, what would I be?". Then I heard a bird caw (it was around 12:30-1:00 AM on a treeless beach in a place without many birds). I asked again and heard a car rev it's engine... first thing I thought of was the Thunderbird Car. That's been the extent of it so far but I want to pursue it more! Do you have any tips?

  6. Man! At my first attempt at praying, I had to wisper because it was so unnatural for me to "talk" to God. But, I kept trying and tried to keep it simple, like, "God, please help me understand." And, "God, please be patient with me." As far as Him answering me, it just became easier for me to understand scripture and I found it easier to share with others on this forum. Of course, I private messaged mostly, then became braver and posted some.

    But, then someone told me that in their teaching youth to pray, they sat in a circle and, if they wanted to, each one just prayed a simple one-sentence prayer, like, God, I need you." or "God, thank you for loving me."

    He likes your praises and your thankful heart, just like any father would. The thing that helps me the most is to know without a doubt that He loves me and always wants the best for me. So, I don't doubt anymore that I can say anything to Him and He will understand. It's getting better all the time.
  7. You can sign praises and prayers to God. You can look at the beautiful day you have been given and say, "God I thank you for this beautiful day." You can be driving down the road and with eyes open can ask God to open the path on the road for you and surround you with a shield of protection. You can ask God to heal your ingrown toenail. He hears and He cares. That is what matters.

    You said you are a new Christian, so what happens when a new baby is born into a family? The father looks ate the new baby in awe and wonder and thanksgiving and most of all love. God looks at you as His newborn baby and experiences the same. God is your Father and wants you to speak with Him.
  8. Spencer, You have been given a lot of good sugestions from the brothers and sisters here.

    Firstly , I would like to welcome you into the family of God as a new believer. You are with brothers and sisters in Christ at CFS and you are a new creation in Jesus Christ.

    Secondly , I would like to welcome you to this wonderful Christian forum . You have come to a very loving place and will find every one very helpful and willing to pray for you and help you. So welcome.:welcome::welcome:

    Some other suggestions . If you have not found a church , may I suggest you look around and find a good sound Bible believing church. There you will find fellowship with other beleivers and as you feel comfortable even join age related groups or if they have small cell groups or Bible Study in homes that is a very good place to learn more of the Word and bond with other brothers and sisters.

    God Bless you my brother. You will never regret your decision to follow Jesus.
  9. Hi Spenc! Welcome to CFS! There are not many better at teaching the basics of scripture than this old country preacher:
    Welcome to Thru the Bible Radio--The Bible Study Program Taught by Dr. J. Vernon McGee! - Thru the Bible
    J Vernon McGhee was an awesome man of God with a great love for the Lord and a heart for His people. He had a real knack for bringing the truth of scripture to light in an easy to understand way! Enjoy the site and enjoy the link!
    Many blessings in Jesus wonderful Name, your brother Larry!
  10. Bo - So good that you recommend J. Vernon McGee. He was one of my favorite Bible teachers on radio for years. I have a book or so of his as well. He had a very gravely voice that some people found distracting, but I found it endearing. His teaching was sound and to the point.

    Spencer - you will find Mr. McGee's teaching a great help. He died a number of years ago but his messages were recorded and are still being aired on radio stations and of course on the internet.
  11. Heh Granny when I hear his voice it is like hearing the heartwarming sound of an old friend talking. :)
  12. It is through the great mans ministry that I was saved many years ago.

    He was like listening to ole grandpa teach the scriptures next to an stone fireplace in a log cabin. At least thats what I imagine:D
  13. :) And he is still touching lives to the glory of God!:)
  14. Wow he really does sound inspirational!

    I'm trying to download the podcast as I speak. I'll tell you how it works!

    Thanks for your warm welcome and all your kind words. :)
  15. He will be resurrected. We all will.

    Death is not forever, only a temporary circumstance. :D

    He will be absent only shortly.
  16. Point is this gentle man is still preaching , even though he is with the Lord. His legacy goes on and on. His ministry and the tapes of his messages are still bringing people to the Lord . That is the awesome part.:cool:
  17. Their Works Do Follow Them

    This must be what the Bible means when it says "their works do follow them."

    Revelation 14:13 -- And I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me, Write, Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth: Yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labours; and their works do follow them.

  18. Exactly, Isn't it precious ?:israel::israel:

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