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  1. Thanks for that calculation. I did some checking and found the following:
    * 144 is a dozen dozens or one gross.
    * It is also the smallest number with fifteen divisors
    * And a sum-product-number as well:
    Adding the digits gives 9, multiplying the digits gives 16​
    and 9 x 16 = 144​
    * Which makes 144 a Harshad number (divisible by the sum of its digits)
    * Also 144 is the twelfth number in the Fibonacci sequence
    * And the largest Fibonnacci number that is also a square (12^12 = 144)

    I'm not going to bore you by keeping on about this subject, but I will ask this one last question: What are the Real Events to which these numbers Relate? I just cannot see what you are getting at (my fault, not yours).
  2. Correlations of 144 (Lord Almighty=144) (the Secret Key=144)

    (Nine is the key=144) (Great Harvest=144) A=1 B=2 C=3...

    Stay in Context.

    Revelation 14: 1 (THE 144,000)

    Correlation of (9) In The Bible (9) Gifts of The Spirit (9) Fruits of The Spirit
    The apostles Paul enlists in 1 Corinthians 12:4-11 nine gracious, supernatural gifts of the Spirit..

    (9) Fruits of The Spirit
    “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control.” (Galatians 5:22) :)
  3. Real Event Genesis 1:1 God (Created=56) (Light=56) And All Of The Other Words In The Other Post CORRELATE To The REALITY Of What GOD Did THE NUMBERS ARE THE SAME

    And The WORDS Are Events... Realities...

    (JESUS=74) Was The (MESSIAH=74)

    (HELL=37) Is A Real (PLACE=37)

    (GOD IS=54) (LOVE=54) A=1 B=2 C=3... Z=26 G=7 O=15 D=4= 26

    Only (Modern English=143) Will Connect Words and Numbers Like This (Translation=143)

    As It Says In The BIBLE Seek and Find. (Stay In CONTEXT) (TRUE=64) (FOCUS=64)
  4. English Gematria Base 6 Will Reveal Evil (IN CONTEXT) A=6 B=12 C=18...Z=156

    Mark Of Beast=666 Son Of Sin=666 A Peace Plan Failed=666

    End Times Deal=666 Lisbon Pact=666 Eu Implant=666

    The False Mahdi=666 Beast Test=666 Book Of The Dead=666

    Hardened Heart=666 E Identity=666 Forehead Sign=666

    Diga E Implant=666 Stubborn=666 A Satanic Mark=666

    People Sin=666 No More Cash=666 A Adsx Bio Chip=666
  5. I'll have to give up on this subject - it's a little bit beyond me. I am certainly impressed by the correlation with "666" but cannot see the causal link - thanks for trying to explain it to me though.
  6. Chapter and Verse Number Correlation- 9:11 (Context Judgment/Destruction)

    Genesis 9:11
    I will establish My covenant or pledge with you: Never again shall all flesh be cut off by the waters of a flood; neither shall there ever again be a flood to destroy the earth and make it corrupt.

    Revelation 9:11 Over them as king they have the angel of the Abyss (of the bottomless pit). In Hebrew his name is Abaddon [destruction], but in Greek he is called Apollyon [destroyer].
  7. 9:11 doesn't always lead to judgment and destruction!

  8. :) That's why it's in Context as in Genesis 9:11 and Revelation 9:11 The first Book of The BIBLE and The Last Book of The Bible (Structure) As it Was in The Beginning So Shall it Be in The END!


    More Examples of 9:11 Judgment (Context)

    And the magicians could not stand before Moses because of their boils; for the boils were on the magicians and all the Egyptians. Exodus 9:11

    Leviticus 9:11
    And the flesh and the hide Aaron burned with fire outside the camp.

    Deuteronomy 9:11

    And at the end of forty days and forty nights the Lord gave me the two tables of stone, the tables of the covenant.


    Which You have commanded by Your servants the prophets, saying, The land which you are entering to possess is an unclean land with the pollutions of the peoples of the lands, through their abominations which have filled it from one end to the other with their filthiness.

    Nehemiah 9:11
    You divided the sea before them, so that they went through its midst on dry land; their persecutors You threw into the depths, as a stone into mighty waters.

    Psalm 9:11 (Blessing From Judgment Related To Verse 12)
    11Sing praises to the Lord, Who dwells in Zion! Declare among the peoples His doings!
    12For He Who avenges the blood [of His people shed unjustly] remembers them; He does not forget the cry of the afflicted (the poor and the humble).
    Isaiah 9:11
    Therefore the Lord has stirred up the adversaries [the Assyrians] of Rezin [king of Syria] against [Ephraim], and He will stir up their enemies and arm and join them together,

    The Text Will Reveal CONTEXT!
  9. Chapter and Verse Number Correlation- (Judgment)

    Genesis 11:9

    Therefore was the name of it called Babel; because Jehovah did there confound the language of all the earth: and from thence did Jehovah scatter them abroad upon the face of all the earth.

    Revelation 11:9
    And from among the peoples and tribes and tongues and nations do men look upon their dead bodies three days and a half, and suffer not their dead bodies to be laid in a tomb.

    (Also Correlating Peoples, Tongues and Nations)

    (And Correlating Bible Chapter and Verse Structure, First and Last Book of BIBLE)
  10. There were ELEVEN JUDGMENTS upon the Egyptians. Those are as follows:
    1. The plague of Blood. (Ex. 7:19-21)
    2. The plague of Frogs. (Ex. 8:1-7)
    3. The plague of Lice. ( Ex. 8:16-17)
    4. The plague of Flies. (Ex. 21-24)
    5. The plague of Murrain. (Ex. 9:1-7)
    6. The plague of Boils. (Ex. 9:8-11)
    7. The plague of Hail. (Ex. 9:22-25)
    8. The plague of Locusts. (Ex. 10:12-25)
    9. The plague of Darkness. (Ex. 10-21-23)
    10. The plague of First-born. (Ex. 12:29-30)
    11. The overthrow at the Red Sea. (Ex. 14:24-28)

  11. Judgment=94 November=94 A=1 B=2 C=3...z=26

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