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Discussion in 'Staff Announcements' started by Natty, Dec 19, 2010.

  1. Hello folks - wasn't sure who to contact so i thought i'd just pop the post here in the hope that the right person would see it :)

    I would like to re-open the Bi-polar club thread. I am happy to run it/moderate it and if it remains inactive then we can always close it again and put it down to experience.

    Let me know your thoughts
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  2. Natty, our mods and helpers do all the monitoring of all threads..just a tidbit:)
  3. oh i realise this and a very good job they do too - but the last post says if anyone would like to take it over they can contact a mod so thats what im doing :)
  4. I think that's a great idea, Natty! :)

    Natty - the only problem with posting a thread about it, is that we may not see it! Chances are, we will. Send an email to Jeff or HisManySongs :) And we will definitely discuss about it! I really don't think I have the authority to give you permission. But I know Jeff and HisManySongs will bring it up and we will discuss it :)

  5. Thanks xspin - good to know. Btw i have sent you a friend request on xanga my id is awakeningconscience :)
  6. Alrighty! I'll be accepting ya =]
  7. Hi Natty, thank you for the interest. I have just opened a discussion about it with the team. We will update you about the decision. :)
  8. Thank you Jeff :)
  9. Hi Natty, we are re-opening the thread. :)
  10. That's great news - thank you Jeff :)
  11. This is a great reminder of what our purpose is here. People come here with many burdens and the one thing that we all have in common is that we all need help and not persecution.
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  12. Amen Banarenth.

    So many people confuse mental illness with sin. It will be great to create a safe haven for those who need it .... safe from judgement and, as you say, persecution.
  13. Since I have struggled with mental illness, I can fully tell you it's NOT a sin. It's not a conscious decision. Sin is a conscious decision. You make that choice to sin. Some mental illnesses are chemical imbalances that can't be fixed without medication.

    I'm glad that you chose to do this =)
  14. Well said Banarenth bud ;)

  15. Thank You. :)

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