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  1. Gorgeous pics:):):)
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  2. Hi Abdicate, I just had to add that you've given me a serious case of 'bird-envy'. I really enjoy bird watching and photography, and your pics show birds that I have no hope of capturing!

    Are they all really common to your area?

    I particularly like your Cooper Hawk. The closest I've come to a bird of prey is a Peregrine Falcon, perching in the cliffs.


    I also managed to get one shot of him flying.


    But no matter how hard I've looked, I've never seen him again.

    Your pics are a real treat.

    Blessings and Thanks:)
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  3. Here's a couple of new photos... it's taken me 18 months to get the photo of the owl.


    Three fox pups

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  4. Awesome Catches there brother. Patience is key for sure.

    This picture is not as good as yours but hey its a phone. Went out and sat in a chair and looked up and there this little guy was. So I went and grabbed the old phone.
    Had to compress it so I hope it turns out.

    0_This one.jpg
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  5. 20170722_203748.jpg

    Here he is about 2 weeks earlier... when Jim took him out of the hallway and put him under a bush to hide him from the kids and the hawks.... later on he disappeared, but while he was sitting under the bush he had positioned himself so he could see the Apple tree.

    Beautiful pictures Abdicate! Thanks for adding to the thread

    And thanks Annie for being the originator of the thread
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  6. Guessing this is either a red crossbill (last photo below) or a white winged crossbill male looking in my friend's window. She lives in New Hampshire where they are often seen. The window is from her office in a 1882 Victorian House (seen in the photos) she is living in and remodeling into a bed/breakfast there. I sent her the birdbath in the first photo as a housewarming gift. birdbathrichmolly.jpg RichNHvictorianspring.JPG mollymysterybird1.jpg She said after his bath the little bird came to the window to say "hello." :)
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  7. Looks more like "Thank You" to me! ;)
    Awesome view of the house
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  8. :) I agree..sweet bird saying thank-you. My son is working in Montana now but he and her father are working on the house. He lives in N.H. most of the year. Quite a project!
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