The Beauty Of Christian Tolerance

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  1. I was meditating on the blessings of my friendships with Christians around the world: so many denominations and theologies, yet we have good fellowship.

    Even here on the forum, I have a few friends I will look up when in the New Jerusalem, not because they agree with me, but because they agreed with Christ and His wide open arms of acceptance.

    I have Baptist pals, Moody-ites, Serbian Orthodox, Germans from old Lutheran roots, folks from native Asian churches, Christian and Missionary Alliance friends, Presbyterians, Methodists, a few solid Catholics, Church of Christ, A of G....the list is long. And I've read the books of their leaders, so it is not just surface friendship.

    The wonderful thing is that we respect each others walk with the Lord, don't strain gnats and swallow camels, and reach out to understand, not to indoctrinate.

    Ecumenicalism cannot and will not happen.

    Love and respect could.....
  2. The amazing diversity of Christians I have embraced and melded deeply into my life:

    • Bible smugglers of the Cold War, dodging border guards to get the Word to Ukrainian dairymen, who hid in barns and whose very breath was scented of cow...
    • A son of a professor in Tito's regime, who hid the 20,000 volume Christian library collected by his family for 200 years, and is now a famous Serbian author and adventurer.....and a visitor of ours.
    • A Native American whose mission is to teach Canadian First Nations people that God is fulfilling their own prophecies about the return of Christ. We traveled awhile together.
    • Headhunters turned "fishers of men".
    • An entire ship (like old 1940's ships) of missionary evangelists, that hopped form one Pacific island to another, supplying Christian books to the hungry folks.
    But this may not be of interest.....

    Point is.....I'm glad God saw fit to let me meet folks outside of my "comfort zone".
  3. This reminded me of a book called "God's Smuggler". That is a life-changing story for any who remember it.
  4. So many difference of opinions about one God and His Word yet we are all united under His name. :D That in itself is awesome.
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  5. Yes, that was Brother Andrew, one tough dude and unstoppable missionary. His story is here:

    My friend has a different story: he was a Czech border guard, and had the impossibly rare thing to have during the Cold War: a passport. He lead a double life for 30 years, never was caught, had many close shaves though.

    I have another friend. He was an East German Grenzaufklärungszug ( a heavily armed border trooper/guard). the men who killed most of the escapees from Communist East Germany. When he gave his heart to Christ, he began hunting for a way to escape, and the Lord lead him lonely patch of woods deep in the mountains where the fence was unguarded and had to electrification. He just walked across with his family.
  6. Amen....when no unity in His Name is seen, when the Spirit is blocked, I must turn away. Discord and strife are not the ways of Christ, IMO.
  7. I think wether we differ in doctrine, we should work together by doing God's will.
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  8. That is indeed the founding purpose of this site.
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  9. Amen to the OP Rusty. Anyone who loves and follows Jesus is our brother. In this day and age with all the evil, I feel the borders between denominations are falling and true Christians are finding unity as they stand out amongst the crowd.

    Can you imagine the marriage supper of the Lamb. We are going to see Jesus and all the saints together. It is going to be quite something to be able to discuss what we all endured on earth. Those who died as martyrs will forever be able to say that. Those who were paralyzed and remained faithful, wow what a testimony for eternity. We will understand why Paul said glory in sufferings.
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  10. I sometimes wonder what will happen if we find out that some of our most tightly held beliefs were completely and utterly wrong, and that it is those that we didn't consider very important at all that became our judge. I've met some people over the years that I believe would argue with God Himself, and while I know it isn't going to happen, it's sometimes difficult to see how the wedding feast won't devolve into a giant food fight. Dibs on the Spaghetti!
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  11. Argue with God, lol. They will realise how biased and narrow minded they were on earth and rather be slapping themselves for ever thinking they can find fault with God.

    A food fight sounds like fun. But can you imagine being the victim of a cake thrown by God?
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  12. Rather a victim of a cake thrown by God, than an honored guest at whatever table Satan has set.
  13. Glad you gents like this thread.

    Part of the problem with rigid "Opinion Foreman" I have met is that they have immersed themselves for so long in their small circle of church associates and/or cultural norms that have never had to face-to-face deal with Christians from other perspectives.

    Once I brought a poor Russian refugee family to our church....sadly no one warmed up to them, because they were so "odd".

    No one knew of their years of persecution, or the amazing story of taking 3 years to type out a copy of a Christian book, when typewriters were illegal. They had to hide under the dining room table and wait until Friday nights when the neighbor blasted the weekly football game on TV, so as not to be heard.

    Did I agree with them on every doctrinal detail? I never bothered to bug them about it....I was more concerned for their transition from an oppressive Russian culture to a new culture altogether.

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