The Beast's Economic System

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  1. I used to wonder how it could possibly be that churches will fall in line with the Beast. But now I see more of how that can and will happen. In America churches, for the most part are set up as non-profit corporations. Financially and legally.....even structurally churches have more in common with their for-profit corporate cousins. This ties them in, whether they like it or not, to the government/corporate system from which the Beast will arise. Government influence/interference in church business grows daily. Churches who have schools attached are especially vulnerable to government/corporate coersion.
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  2. Hi Dan.
    Do you think the beast will be an organisation/corporation/government or such?
    I always thought the beast will be a person.
    It is true however, government here also dictates to a large extent to public schools and so this country has grown a large number of private schools, and those are normally the ones attached to churches, but have plenty of freedom.
    I suppose once your government starts dictating everything to everyone, then you have reason to worry.
    Are the way such governments operate not more in line with a communist system, even if they are democratically elected?
  3. I believe the beast to be a government/economic system to enslave the world. I believe it to be about to rear it's ugly head soon. I wound up on disability 10 years ago. My family members were stripped away one by one....the same with neighbors ,friends. If it were a simple case of me being poor and hadn't been an employee of a large corporation then I most likely would've been left alone. I was employed by a large international oil company. My disability carrier is one of the largest in the nation. The church where I was molested is more powerful than I ever knew or believed. Corruption is rampant. I have witnessed the eco/socio/legal/political underbelly I only thought existed in books, movies or in the twisted minds of the severely mentally ill.
    There is something very wicked about our society. It has creeped into every facet of our lives and it is growing. I can only imagine what prisoners are subjected to in mental hospitals and penitiaries.
    I believe our democracy is a thinly veiled sham. Our mayor ran for re-election recently. When pressed for her position vs her opponents...she simply stated "it really doesn't matter who's elected. Nothing is going to change much"
  4. Revelation 13 says this:
    Here is wisdom: The one who has understanding must calculate the number of the beast, because it is the number of a man. His number is 666.
    I think someone, a single person will rise above those organisations you described and control it.
    Otherwise, I cannot argue much with what you have said, but we should know, it will get worse, maybe not for us, but indeed for our children, but in Yeshua we will stand strong, and die strong.
  5. I believe we may both be right...kinda hard to separate nazi germany from Hitler. The antichrist and his system will be hard to separate or even distinguish one from the other....the wickedness it will manifest will be like none known before.
    I believe I can see now how christians will be so easily betrayed. During the last days of Nazi Germany, Hitler offered a day's rations to citizens to turn one another in. A day's rations for a life. A small amount.
  6. Some churches are run like small corporations already. They have turned our Fathers business into an entrepeneurial venture, and taken corporate business practises and motivational books to heart and tried to mix them in with church.
    They take slogans, they have mission statements, they have stakeholders, i.e. Tithers, they have logos. They sell christian cds on the side, sell coffee, give members uniforms...they put up billboards and ads on tv. Its all the business of selling christianity. Making merchanidise of the gospel. Ugh.
  7. Many have removed Jesus as the head and formed their own church. I dont like to say which ones. But you will know, esp when the leader is 50 times richer than anyone else in the congregation.
  8. I believe that the beast is the Catholic Church. Nero Caesar was a Roman and he had many antichrist like properties. For one, his name adds up to 666 in Roman numerals. He persecuted the Christians greater than anyone else in history, and he killed both his wifes and his mom (and he was homosexual). Nero Caesar was a desperately wicked man. Then you have the Roman Catholic Church. Firstly, it is Roman, just like Caesar. And it also is a very apostate church. Many people perceive the Catholic Church to be Christian.

    Sorry if I broke that rule. I tried not to.
  9. Our church also has a school attached, from Jr Kindergarten to Grade 12, and I can't see that they allow very much in the way of government interference. Our provincial government has introduced a curriculum mandate that starts this coming September that will presume to teach our schoolchildren about sex, homosexuality, and actual sex acts starting with 3rd grade on up. It is appalling and there is much uproar going on. Our children in the church school are NOT going to be taught this stuff. I don't know how they get around it, but they do.
  10. I suggest violence.
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    I am pretty sure that this might happen down the road, but we are a rather peace-loving country here in Canada---but I can see it happening. There is much protest and much shouting down going on, not to mention an uproar over the fact that the one who proposed the legislation has a prior conviction of owning kiddie porn!
  12. I don't think that peaceful protest works, and especially not in a situation like this. This sounds satanic. God did use violence to show that He meant business, and I think that's the only way. As Christians, we should favor peace, but I don't think that the use of violence should be wiped off the table ever. We must aggressively reject wickedness, in my opinion.
  13. I think there has always been antichrists on earth, when one passes away, the next just steps into place.
    Obviously we cannot claim this from scripture, but think about it.
    Satan knows what is waiting for him, he knows that he is destined for the lake of fire, but that does not mean he has given up in dust and ashes. No, his purpose is to get back at God by destroying as many of God's children as possible.
    I also believe that he does not know when his time will come for this destruction, and so has always had his little puppet in play. How will he explain the coming rapture to his followers when it happens? He must have some plan, and having a little puppet antichrist in place to step forward is part of it. The antichrist has always been one of man, whether Caesar, Hitler, Mao Tse Tung, the head of the UN at the time, some president or just Joe Blogs, he is always there, waiting.
  14. I totally agree with you that this is a satanic plan to continue to undermine our general sense of morality and to attach the vulnerable and impressionable minds of children to accept wickedness as acceptable.
  15. Yeah, but the Bible says that there is going to be one big Antichrist that rules the last seven years before the Millennium, and I believe that that man will be Roman.
  16. And they do this in public and charter schools as well, and I believe that that is hitting more victims. In New Jersey, it is a law for your children to go to school.
  17. Isn't it a law everywhere that all children go to school???
  18. Yes, it's all about timing for the one to establish himself when it's supposed to be, but they are still there and have been.
    It could well be a Jew also, do not for one moment think Pharisees do not exist any more, and they are right in the thick of things. Then there is the ayatollah of Iran - man he is very well qualified for such position.
    We can have ideas, but will never be sure, except that he is man.
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  19. Oh.:ROFLMAO:
  20. It surely is in South Africa, and you as parent can be thrown into jail if you do not comply, states the law. And yet, there are many children roaming the streets of every town and city in this beautiful country.
    Not sure how that works.

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