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  1. I have been watching this show called Nurse Jackie. Everytime I watch it I was left angry and frustrated.I wanted a happy ending, but in life at times their is no happy ending. Why couldn't she understand and see all the people she was hurting? Selfishness at its purest form. Her feelings for others didn't matter anymore. It was no longer her life to live. It had transcended into what pleases her body.
    What makes you happy. Was the modo. Then I started to think. Her addiction isn't out of the ordinary. I'm no better. Don't we all have addictions? Some just easier to get then others.
    Our bodies just naturally work that way. Like the lady who can't say no to sugar. A cake is easily purchased at any store. That craving for coffee every morning as soon as we get up. Yes, we see that outward appearance of a junkie, But the same is with a food addict or an anorexic, fitness guru.... Isn't it all the same! The bodies many addictions in different forms some more socially/ legally accepted than others.

    I've tried being a vegetarian. I would love to be able to nourish my body properly. But when it comes down to it. 4 hours later I give in. I start craving that nice perfectly seasoned barbecued.... or that chocolate cupcake. Then I try to eating my Salad. By this point I have made myself nauseous.

    Because that's not what my body wanted. Or try to down that yummy raw lasagna. Only to have withdrawal like symptoms.... :/ I try mentally preparing myself "it's good for you" "eat it" yet my body seems to be on a different self destructive path. Chips?

    Realizing that my body just at times doesn't want to do what I want but what it wants. Be it an addiction to pills,alcohol, food,excercise,sex, a person...

    It makes being a christian come to perspective. The individuality that is your body and soul. Two distinct things in one. Fighting the urges of whatever might be your poison will never work. Coming to the realization that battling it alone won't work. You will lose.
    Learning to take it all and lay it down before the Lord is the only thing. Let Him take over the battle. So simple yet so hard and difficult to do at times. Yet it's the only thing that will help you win. Nothing can compare. No one or nothing can fill. No five step program. Just call out to the Lord and pray.

    May all the Glory be to God,

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  2. Hi Serene58,

    Yes life is a `battle,` & it is good that you call upon the Lord. Now we know in His word that He desires us to grow up, & become mature, & we also know that is a long process, bit by bit. Now in relation to food, I would encourage you to learn about the basic food groups God has given & learn to present those at meal times in different ways - eg stir fry vegies & some chicken, salmon & salad, fresh fruit, cheese, nuts etc for snacks. We are to be in control of our eating but we need to understand what the body needs as that is what it is asking of us. Train our bodies to constantly desire sugar & that is what it will crave. However if we give it protein - chicken, beef, eggs, cheese, etc then it has something with which to build muscles etc. And so on....vitamins & minerals in vegies & fruit, all are needed & supplied by God for our enjoyment. Feed the body the right things & then you will operate much better, I find.

    All the best, Marilyn.
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  3. Hi Serene,

    Interesting post and so very true. I always have to stress to myself getting there is a p.r.o.c.e.s.s, that can take years to finally overcome 'let go and let God'. but also recognising sometimes that, the process can serve as a long standing excuse too – been around this mountain too long comes to mind... I think the process part does needs to be stressed more often, however as I say, I do believe there has to come a point when we take a stand against all the issues we might be faced with and say 'Enough, No More' and yes give it to Almighty God recognising we have authority to overcome these ills In the Name of Jesus.

    Your post reminded me of my struggle with smoking, When I got re-baptised I quit finally for almost 1 whole year and just before the 1 year anniversary I took up the habit again:oops: and after trying to beat it in my own strength I really did have to cry out to the Lord and confess Lord I can’t do this on my own:cry: as I was enjoying smoking again and felt the fags were helping me through stress, but yes when I did finally cry out to the Lord, I stopped struggling and have now given up the habit for 4 or 5 years now….. And I dare not trouble them fags again...lest a greater addiction come of my disobedient.

    But yes it is about surrendering it all to Christ.
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  4. Yes, it's very true Marilyn!

    Blessed4JC- Been learning that no matter how small the matter is I should always take it up to the Lord. My friend who loves food recently got diagnosed with many different allergies to help her out. We both went vegetarian for an "afternoon." I couldn't believe the withdrawal symptoms that I was having! I was in complete disbelief. Something that had slipped into my life very quietly. It's not something terrible, but in the long run something that can damage the body.
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  5. This has the flavor of Romans 7.
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  6. Lol Serene, I was laughing at the afternoon vegetarian. But yup I sure understand about those cravings......
    To God be ALL the glory and praise for the big things and certainly those small things too.
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