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The avatar game!

Discussion in 'Sports, Games and Health' started by xspinningisfun, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. Not sure if I posted this already, but I'm reposting it again, ha.
    This is the game where you make a comment about the avatar ABOVE you. Since I'm the person that's starting, I can't really haha.

    So let's begin :)
  2. Xspinningisfun is a responsible young woman,...I can tell because she wears her setbelt. :D
  3. Ginger is well known on CFS. It says so right under her name. :)
  4. Looks like X, G, N all pulled a finger heheheheh
    N says reliefe
    G says oooops
    X says it wasn't me heheh
  5. Chili is hot!!! ;)
  6. After reading a couple threads, I gotta post somewhere LOL

    Okay, Ginger...spices things up quite nicely!
  7. Gemma sounds like she's a grandma:)
  8. Not even close...
  9. Just a tidbit...I know another geema...her name is GeemaJudy and she's a grandma..my bad.
  10. LOL Okay no harm! :)
  11. ^your avatar is cute :)

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