The Armor of God - an observation

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  1. The Armor of God - an observation

    We would be well prepared for battle if we followed Paul's advice. But there is something missing.

    There's nothing on our back!

    That's because we're meant to cover each other, back-to-back, warriors together.

    And how do we watch each others back?

    We pray!
  2. Good point . I never thought about that ... Thanks We are all warriors in this Christian Battle and yes we do need to cover each other with prayer and the shed Blood of Jesus . Unity is the only way and prayer is the key .
  3. We are never to turn our back to the enemy and run from him but always stand up to him! Greater is He who is in us than he that is in the world.
  4. But our backs are covered. The “breastplate” covered the front and the back.
    Also called a “coat of mail” in 1Samual 17:5
    And called a “habergeon” in Nehemiah 4:16

    We don’t always know when or from what direction the enemy will attack us. I’m quite certain he will try to attack from the rear and catch us off guard if he can. The breastplate of righteousness will protect us from any direction.
    Eph 6:14 Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness;
  5. Great observation :)
    Another part:
    For this - you must have the Word hidden in your heart. Because when Satan attacks you and you have no scriptures to back you up - that'd be a horrible situation. And look, I'm not perfect. I know I don't have many scriptures memorized.
  6. For that you need the Sword

    17 Put on salvation as your helmet, and take the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.

    This is God's Word coming out of your mouth. It's the only offensive weapon
  7. Remind yourself every day that you are a child of God and by the renewal of your mind you will not believe satan’s lies. We need to protect ourselves.and advance in the army of God. We have a weapon “ the Sword “ the Word of God. The Word of God is what we use to push back satanic attacks.


  8. Yup. You must know where certain scriptures are located as well :D
    I didn't think I was disagreeing with you. So okay!
  9. I don’t agree much with knowing the chapter and verse thing.
    Back in the day, they didn’t have the Scriptures divided into different sections like that.
    If you have the words hidden in your heart, that’s pleasing to God.
    Memorizing chapter and verse isn’t as beneficial as most people think it is.
    If you can quote the word of God, you are doing well.
    It won't have any less effect if you don't know the chapter and verse. The words themselves have power.
  10. Agreed :)
  11. Of course knowing the chapter and verse isn't a bad thing. It does help to find something you are looking for faster if you want to read what's before and after to make sure the context is correct.
  12. Yes to have the words hidden in your heart is more important cause even if you can't remember the chapter and the verse you can still pray the scripture . I can never remember the chapter or the verse but the Holt Spirit does bring the words to my mind and that is comforting .

    I also think that is a special gifting to actually quote the chapter and verse but I do not have that gift.
  13. I saw a video of a guy who talks about how to memorize Scripture. I'll see if I can find it.
  14. That would be great Dean because I can never remember the chapter and verse but do remember the words.
  15. I'm looking, but can't find it. There are a lot of them, but this guy had a real good, simple system. I'll keep looking.
  16. I found it. It’s a little long, but it’s a good teaching video.

  17. You weren't. We aren't disageeing. I was just saying this is how we use the Word against the enemy.

    Just tell him what God said about what he is whispering to you. Speak God's word out of your mouth and stab him with that sword a few times, and he will take off running. :) Its the Word that really hurts him.

    We may need to know where the verses are when we want to look them up, but to speak to him or anyone else we don't have to quote where its at. Like you said hide the word in your heart. Then if you do that the Holy Spirit will bring it to your remembrance when you need it, but you have to put it in there first.
  18. Amen .... thanks .

    Hey Dean thanks . I am going to listen to this today . God Bless.

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