The Arabs Love Jews

Discussion in 'Humor' started by SweetSurrender, Apr 1, 2008.

  1. The Arabs Love Jews

    Today, no one goes hungry
    All people are fed
    The ocians are clean
    Lake Erie's not dead.

    The Irish aren't fighting
    The Arabs love Jews
    The swords are now plowshares
    Now ain't that good news?

    The water's delicious
    The air is so clear
    On top of a mountain
    You see to next year.

    Couples stay married
    Children are jewels

    Sure got you going!
    APRIL FOOLS!! :p
  2. Hey Sis your shoes are untied.
  3. Ha ha .... Happy April Fool's Day to you too Bonnie

  4. My friend called me yesterday and told me he was pregnant!:eek:

    Course I didn't believe it. Hah.

    I can never think if April Fool's jokes that don't seem downright cruel, hee hee.
  5. Ha. Ha.

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