the ants know

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  1. few months back I was at a prayer group and said to my pastor the ants on my fence are agitated
    so I expect flooding rains in Brisbane soon,
    he and a couple other laughed and my wife said use insect spray on them.
    few weeks later in NSW there was severe flooding rains,
    but I thought stupid ants got it wrong what about Brisbane?
    sure enough
    about a week went by and there were severe flooding over the northside
    The ants are active on the other side of my fence now, their little black ants that will
    bite you on the soft part of your foot, ouch,
    Our state is in drought, there has been little or no rain except in the far north so obviously
    the ants don't know what their talking about,
    though there did form for the first time ever a cyclone in the Solomon islands last week which has fallen back into a low and there is speculation it will move closer.
    Another sure thing I know is don't argue with the wife on a full me.
    If you think I live in a flood area I live on a hill so the ants don't have a clue about geography, they must be responding to pressure or magnetic waves or something.
  2. We too can be in "tune" with nature if we bothered to study as you have. My dog went nuts 1 minute before an earthquake stuck in Ottawa a few years back. My birds got quiet and the guinea pig hid in his house. My wife was on the phone and mentioned this to her mother just before it happened. We'd know too if we weren't so busy in our heads I think. I know when the rains come and the heats in my body. I have such a heightened sense of smell I know when snow is coming.
  3. I think it was just much better hearing than ours but Misty, our last dog, would give us advance warning of a thunder storm. She was scared of them and would try to hide under a bed when one got closer. If she started getting a bit sort of agitated/unsettled, you could be pretty sure she was aware of a storm around.

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