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  1. What does everyone think of this television show The 700 Club? I haven't watched it in the longest time because of people telling me that Pat Robertson said that gays wear rings that give people AIDS. I know that's true he said that, but I want to get your opinions about the POSITIVE things you've heard about this show.

    One thing I know for sure is that people have come to Christ because of this show. Any other POSITIVE things you can think of, please feel free to share.
  2. It's easy to search for the bad in things, and I've probably mostly only watched the show with negative eyes, which isn't fair because sometimes they say things that ought not be denied -- whether it's rare or not.

    The standard sentiment that Christ is Love and that that same love, in service to others, is in actuality service to Him, has been said pretty much every time I've seen the show (which hasn't been too often). That's a core element to Christian doctrine, and a very positive one at that.

    Again, this is in only addressing the positives. When it comes to the love of Christ, the 700 Club has it right.
  3. I have watched it once. I do not support that type of plastic Christianity.
    No doubt they do some good, but Robertson and some others there occasionally have
    a terrible case of "foot-in-mouth" disease and have been an embarrassment to Christianity in
    general and Fundy Protestantism in particular.
  4. While I'll admit finding problems with the show is pretty easy to do, and I agree with you on what you said. Though I'll also gladly give credit to where credit is due, and they have still put an emphasis on God's love, even if the source itself is plastic. It doesn't change the objective truth of that. Though I suspect you'd agree with me on that as well.
  5. I should've asked it this way: if you've seen the show more than once, what positive things have you noticed on the show that would make me want to watch again?
  6. If you're asking for a recommendation for the show, I personally wouldn't recommend it.

  7. No, I'm not. I'm asking for POSITIVE things only if you've seen the show more than once.
  8. Let me try to explain this one last time:

    If you have watched the show more than once, and liked it, what POSITIVE things only would you say about it to get me to watch it again?

    I used to watch it, but haven't been since I heard that Pat Robertson said something that gays wear a ring that can infect a person with AIDS. I don't know if that's a true thing. But I ended watching the show, but feel compelled to watch again. Answer this question above to get me to watch the show once again.
  9. Sometimes they have awesome testimonies and inspirational stories..

    But why do you want us to convince you to watch it again? It's neither here not there.. Watch it or don't. The Spirit knows the truth.

  10. Because I just want to see what you guys have to say about it. I may try watching it again. It will be weird, but I will get used to it again.
  11. Always have something non judgmental and nice to say. We can count on you to stay consistent.
  12. In that case, my first statement stands :)

  13. Okay. You're allowed to your opinion about the show.
  14. I meant my opinion that they put an emphasis on God's Love. It's certainly a positive :)
  15. MichaelH - coming from you that is funny, your hypocrisy is astounding.
  16. Hoping that I'm not asking too much from you guys who've seen the show many times. If, I am, I'm sorry.
  17. Dana just watch the show ! Lol. Let's do this---We can both watch an episode and report back here on it. Sound good ?

  18. We can. And what next?
  19. That's all. Just watch it and then we can each do a review on here. It will be fun!
  20. Nothing!
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