The 2008 Women Drivers Award

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  1. The 2008 Women Drivers Award

    Yuk, yuk, but be aware of stereotypes:

    Men are 70% more likely to be involved in serious auto accidents.

    Men are three times more likely than women to be killed in car crashes.

    It is true that female drivers are involved in slightly more crashes than men. Overall, men were involved in 5.1 crashes per million miles driven compared to 5.7 crashes for women.

    But in the final analysis, men - not women, are more dangerous behind the wheel.

    The 2008 Women Drivers Award

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    Bronze Medal Winner:


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    ..... and finally, here is our 2008
    Women Drivers Awards

    Gold Medal Winner ***


    WOW !
    How the heck...?!?
    Oh never mind... CONGRATULATIONS ! !
    This concludes the 2008 Women Drivers Awards Ceremony.

    Yes… you are right adoptivemommy… this is one of the reasons I am single. :D :D :p :cool:
  2. Now , now , that's not a good enough reason to be single .:D:D

    And another thing ... you know by posting this you are going to have all us women ganging up on you ..... He he .:D:D You just did that on purpose .

    Ok you get to choose cause there is both on this video .Women first and then men ... I vote the men are the worst..... He he :D:D

  3. You might be right that men are the worst… but it’s no fun picking on myself.
    (I hit a parked horse trailer once) :eek:

    Sometimes my joking gets me in trouble though.
    I still remember when my ex and myself started dating. We were at a friends house all watching TV. We started talking about how it would be nice if we had some ice cream.
    I asked my ex if she could go for some ice cream.
    She said “yes”
    I said “Then go for it”
    She slugged me in the arm. :D
  4. :D:D:D

    Hey where are all the ladies on the driver issue ? Cause we always get a bad rap .
  5. Here's my position:

    Women suck at driving!!:eek:

    That being said,

    WAI do you have a death wish?:D Oh and thank you for agreeing with me about the being single part although those pictures weaken our case pretty bad!!
  6. Men may have more accidents..but its the women that cause them! :p:D
  7. This thread has dents all over it.

    From people touching it with a 10 foot pole.

    I'm outta here. :cool:

  8. A very wise and learned man .... Wooo - hooo .


  9. I sure hope everyone knows I’m just funnin.
    I got that women driver thing in my email from my ex mother in-law. (she still loves me) :D

    And as far as being single?
    The real story is that satan got in between us. He is here to steal, kill and destroy. He got in between both of us and attacked us separately and turned us against each other. He stole my wife, killed our relationship and destroyed our marriage.
    But now, we are both better people and both closer to God. We call each other friends and keep in touch. I say she is a good Godly woman. She says I am an honest, kind man full of integrity.
    With God, divorced people can take what satan did and help God turn it into good works for many.
    My ex wife is one of the most caring, loving persons I’ve ever met. She deserves so much more than she has.

    With that being said. Without women, us men would be in some really sorry shape. :eek:

    P.S. Some women are real good drivers. And some men... well... not so good. :)
  10. Speaking of women drivers…
    If women controlled the world.:D




    Oh man... I'm going to get in trouble for this... aren't I? :eek:
  11. Yup ..... Like they say Dean ..... You're cruisin for a brusin .... LOL:D:D


  12. Do they have some dip hiding in the weeds along side the road? :D
  13. Or is he a dip stick.? :D:D... He he .... I gotta go and do something constuctive .

    Have a good day . Am going to hear gospel singer Keven Pauls tonight . Have you heard him ? He sings with the Gaithers.

  14. Never heard of him, but I’m going to see this guy next month. :D

  15. You can hear some of Keven Pauls .... I put some of his music in the music part of the forum .

  16. Nice voice I like the song .

    Here is music from Keven Pauls :


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