The 10 wierdest keyboards ever

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  1. I like #2...even though I don't understand it! Oh well, it looks kool. ;)
  2. Oh wow!
    I want the wrist one!!
    I'd be able to control everything from my wrist then!! :p

  3. I still think this would be nice...

    ...a glove. With touch sensors on the tips and joints that can read finger position. You wouldn't even need a keyboard then, just slip on these gloves and type on any surface. I wished for something like that when I was in college (back when we had the enormous 60-lb word processors to lug around).

    And you could connect via bluetooth to a "monitor" that is actually a small flip-down screen that covers one eye. You know, like the old-fashioned wink-into displays that they used to have on older camcorders? I'd love that! I could sit through a business lunch and take notes with my gloves.

    Someone invent it, please? Pretty please? And give me the first one for the idea? Hee hee hee!:p
  4. I want a computer without a keyboard. You talk and it records and types, punctuates, and corrects all on it's own.
  5. Jon - my laptop does that. I thought: How neat!

    I used it once and then never again.:( I don't know why...I think I can type faster than I can dictate.

    It's Windows Vista. I don't know if all Vista packages do it. But you can tell it open window, close window, dictate to it, etc. That technology still seems sluggy. I can't wait for the Star Trek: TNG computers to come out, where you can just talk to it and don't have to repeat things or correct the mistakes the computer makes.:p

    How about a thought-keyboard? Hmmm...I don't know, maybe not. I don't know if some of my thoughts would look very nice on paper.:eek:
  6. My friend used to record his journals with dictation software - that is until he
    used the word delete in a sentence and it deleted his work.:eek:
  7. My MacBook does that, too. I just preferred using my hands instead of having a conversation with my computer.:p
  8. We used to use Dragon Naturally Speaking to transcribe some of our interviews. It was funny, because sometimes I'd be reviewing the transcriptions and there'd be portions of the transcriber's conversations written down. Like this:

    ...but there were more fish in the river in those days, big fish, and do you want to go to the store to get a pop? I'm getting tired of this. We used to clean fish all day long...


    With. My. Laptop. I. Have. To. Talk. Like. This. SaveDocument. MyDocuments. Save. Pick1. Save. Save! No do I go back?:D

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