That we might be together.

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  1. That we might be together.

    Included and really important was the prayer of Christ Jesus Our Lord to Our Father: that we will always be one.
    It grieves Our Father and Lord to see that some time after his perfect sacrifice, we have created boundaries for ourselves; sad to see brothers who thinks so highly and perfect of his ‘church’ that he is too quick to criticize others of different ‘church’.
    I was ministering a brother who don’t seem to understand why exactly he is a
    Christian, this is the question that he asked me that really pierced my heart, he said: “ If Christians are divided among themselves and don’t seem to agree on anything, then why do you worry me with worshipping the Lord perfectly?
    My dear, this particular question as I said, pierced my heart, I did cried within my spirit. Indeed, more in our time, all that Our Father desire is that we stay together just as the son and he with the Spirit are one. In this end days, there is nothing that can keep us strong and healthy in the Lord but his love. We’re expected to love much and totally worship Our Father in all truth and Spirit; there is nothing greater than these; love.
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  3. Unfortunately, your friend asked a very valid question. I have seen very little unity or love among those professing to be Christians. I have, however, seen much judgment, condemning, schisms, and church splits. I'm sure our adversary, the devil, is sitting back laughing in glee over this. He has succeeded in dividing us into separate groups devoid of love for one another and fighting and bickering over petty matters and differences of opinion.

    We argue that "I am of ------- denomination, and we are right while you are wrong." I know of one church that split over an argument of what color the new carpet would be. Another church split over an argument concerning some windows on the back of the church that were filled in for security reasons. Some people didn't like it because they weren't consulted on their opinion before the work was done.

    How can we proclaim the love of Christ to a lost world when we can't seem to even love one another? Can we call ourselves "Christians" when we don't show the love of Christ in our lives?
  4. Jon_ Marc I totally agree, That’s why I live by verse John 4;23;24

    In order to gain Christ and to be found in him, not having my own righteousness,
    Based on the law, these days Christians do the same by using Scripture as Law.
    By judging other Christians to their understanding of Scripture, if to say I have Holy Spirit and you don't, So they without realising they become self righteous in the word, (sad) because all this is done in vain. It is through faith in Christ, the righteousness that comes from God on basis of faith, that I may know him, and the power of resurrection, and the sharing of His sufferings, become like Him in His death, in order that I might arrive at the resurrection from the dead.

    God bless
  5. Well, the main problem is "religion". God never created that. He can use it, but in many ways, it divides the "Body of Christ."

    As a Minister also, God has had me work with alot of people from diverse religious backrounds, who seem to love to argue over teachings thier religion has, of God's Word.

    We find plenty of unity thru Christian religions to classify us as God's True children of God. But, we find the rest of God's Word divides us, because outside of Salvation, there are as many variations of interpretations of God's Word, as there are religions.

    Now, this is not all bad, for God has supplied all manner of churches to fill the specific needs of His Children. But, unity will have to come thru Christ when He returns for His 1,000 year reign.

    So, let us not dwell on the imperfections and speak against the Church pointing them out, being part of the problem. Instead, lets do our parts in our own Churches and Communities, to help be part of God's answer to division, by being vessels working with Churches and Communities for God to bring more unity.

    God Bless!!
  6. the truth

    Dear, to practically achieve the unity that God Our Father requires of us through his son, then we need to draw closer to Christ Jesus Our Lord. It is in him that we would know how he felt to be on earth to show us Our Father’s way and to sanctify us; in truth dear, it is most hurtful to Our Lord when he sees that we he have set apart for his work, really worship him with barriers.

    I will recount what surprised me some time ago:” I happen to be on my way to a prayer which would initiate a coming crusade; it was pretty early but surprisingly for me I passed by some of our dear brothers and sisters praying. I decided joining them to make for the time loss I would have wasted by being at the prayer site early; it was great praying I must say, but this is what struck me: after the prayers I went forward and asked their leaders what meeting it was, they quickly asked what my denomination was and when I told them they told me that they’re grateful that I passed by but are sorry that I can’t join their group. They told me that I can however come around sometime again to listen to their teachings but cannot be a member of their group if I so desire. I asked them the reason they’ve made it so difficult for others to join them and they told me it is because of the different denominations and as such they don’t accept people from other denominations.”

    You know what dear; Christianity is full of true wisdom and love. Sometimes I wonder myself, when I’m sent by Our Father to minister to others, if they truly understand what I have been sent to give them from the scriptures. In truth, dear, if we are perfected by the Lord, then we wouldn’t create differences causing separation among us. When the Our Lord Jesus Christ cried out with all his being to Our Father seeking that we who are left as he leaves the earth be united just as he and the Father with the Spirit are one, my dear, he truly meant it. It is an incomplete knowledge of Our Father that is creating all these; in all truth, this shouldn’t have ever happened between true Christians.

    Take for instance the fact that we fail to love completely just as Christ Jesus Our Lord did for us his church as to the extent of dying a shameful death on the cross. He has sown us countless times that in the beginning were created just Adam and Eve, it was from these, our early parents, we all descended by the power of Our Father through his spoken word. But look around us and see, the white thinks he is superior to the black, therefore treating him as such; the rich thinks of himself as better and superior than the poor, O! How I pity the rich, don’t we know that if we are trusted with mere wealth and we can’t be faithful with it, it will be difficult for us to be trusted with true riches of the kingdom?

    The very best step in being united just as Our Father desires that we do is to draw closer to Our Lord for he will show us all things and give us the grace to love much, just as he does.
  7. Dear Lord Jesus please heal Your people and unite us in Christ Jesus Your Son Lord You said a house divided cannot stand but i pray You build Your house believers are Your Housenot the buildings and denominations .There is only one body many members one faith one LOrd one Spirit one baptisim one Father God over all through all and in all.I repent of my pride.LOrd please forgive us Your people.You said Jesus by this will the world knw we are Your disciples by our love for one another.Destroydenominational pride and predjedice dear Lord in Jesus Name i ask amen.

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    Psalm 118:8
    It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man.

    [​IMG][​IMG]"Our peace and confidence are to be found not in our empirical holiness, not in our progress toward perfection, but in the alien righteousness of Jesus Christ that covers our sinfulness and alone makes us acceptable before a holy God." DonaldBloesch[​IMG]

    [​IMG][​IMG]"Sainthood lies in the habit of referring the smallest actions to God." C.S.Lewis [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    [​IMG]"Let us never put confidence in man, or in any sanctity of position, office, or dress. If apostleship did not make Judas a saint, neither will position, office, nor dress make thee a saint."
    Johann Ferus

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