Thankful 2 be here!!

Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by New2Christ, Dec 6, 2008.

  1. Thankful 2 be here!!

    I am so happy to be a part of such a great community online! I have always loved the Lord but had to come to the understanding that I was not right. Sunday night I prayed and felt a difference in me.. The feelings are still hard to describe but, wonderful and I am happy to say for the first time I feel saved in Jesus! I wanted to say hello to everyone here, and truly hope to make many friends that share the same intrest, and that is the Lord!!

    Any expeirence, or comments I truly welcome, and need! LOL. I still don't really don't know what it is I need to do except trust the Lord, and I would love any advice from those who have so much knowledge to share!:fish::dance::jesus-sign:
  2. Welcome to the forum!! :)
  3. Welcome to CFS friend! All here will be glad to help in any way we can!:)
    Many blessings in Jesus Name, brother Larry.
  4. Welcome to the forums, always glad to have someone new on board...

    God Bless
  5. hi welcome,we repent our sins,and start again.:)
  6. Welcome to CFS New2Christ; we are so glad to have you with us; if I may say, you have found the MOST wonderful Christian fellowship site online. :groupray:

    You will read MANY testimonies, trials and victories that we encounter daily as followers of Christ Jesus in these forum threads. Praying that they will draw you into closer relationship with the Lord; keep you in His Word and indwelt by His Holy Spirit so that you will walk victorious in this life to His Glory.
    I f you listen to the radio; there are a few wonderful christian teachers that would encourage and bless you with truly biblical :shepherd:teaching; Chip Ingram; Living on the Edge (Living on the Edge with Chip Ingram) and Nancy Leigh DeMoss-Revive Our Hearts(.

    WELCOME again!!!:groupray:

  7. Welcome to the Christian Forum Site and to the family of God. I've been born again since 1963, and I'm still learning.
  8. :welcome::welcome::welcome:Welcome .

    Glad you have arrived here and will find this a very pleasant place of fellowship and Christian Growth . God Bless.
  9. Thank you all so much!..
    I really do enjoy reading all the posts and topics here!
    thanks to Boangeres, I found those tips to be meanigful, especially the last line!
    also, Dusty, your stories and posts I read really made me smile! I loved the humor section!..
    God bless to all of you!
  10. Hi New2Christ!

    I am new to this as well and I really hear what you are saying. I have been praying daily and reading the bible when I get a chance and I just feel like I am starting to open up more and more each day.

    It is a wonderful feeling! :groupray:
  11. :welcome:
  12. Welcome !!!
  13. welcome aboard !!!

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