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  1. Thanx to the prayers that people were praying for Us ( Our Band Called : The Order Of The Lord) we finished our first song and that song is uploaded to : and if you are on instagram , would you.please follow us on instagram @theorderofthelord and if you love our music be sure to email us at or

    Thank you for your patience and God bless :)

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  2. Hello Gothica and I just had a listen to your music. Really good and I enjoyed the lyrics. I'm a former youth and young adult Pastor and my wife and I took the youth to many youth events and one in particular had an amazing band called Malokai in the same style as you guys. Thought you might want to check them out, .

    The lead singer Alex is a great guy and I'm sure he'd love to hear from you if you contact him. Hope you guys keep pushing hard for the Lord, you'd be surprised how much kids and youth relate to modern Christian bands, I hope you keep pushing!
  3. Thank you and I will look into it: )

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