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  1. I'd like to show my appreciation. It's the first time i've done anything like this, join forum whatever but i want to say thank you to the forum. You guys may not be physically present but you have been present nonetheless. This has helped me so much in my spiritual progression. I'm going through the worst experience of my life (but then my life has been full of bad experiences). Without knowing it everyone of you have helped me get through . Thanks
  2. Glad the forum is being helpful Sal.. It is a pleasure to go through your posts..
  3. Really. That's good to hear thanks. I try to avoid opening to my vulnerable side but we're here for each other. I haven'nt fully disclosed what i'm going/gone through but it's but itl's not good. So much bad happened (Evil) happened in my life.
    I used to live with the devil.
  4. We all did! Once we are in darkness and now we are in light.. Once we were lost, now we are saved.. Of course, a mere human might be judgmental to hear the flash back stories.. But we would look pure in sight of Father God because we are washed in the blood of the Lamb..
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  5. I've found this site to be a huge help as well. I've been on a lot of Christian forums and this is the only one I've felt welcomed on.
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  6. I agree.. Certainly there is plenty of disagreement.. But somehow everyone gives that respect for other person's beliefs inspite of the disagreement..
  7. If it wasn't for my belief in God i would have given up as an escape.
  8. If it wasnt for God, i would'nt be here.
  9. Sal, you like other bring your own uniqueness to this forum which is greatly appreciated! The Lord is always there for you no matter what. If need be, we will continue to be prayer warriors for you in Jesus' name. God bless you Sister!
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  10. We all want to be here for you Sal. We are a family of believers and family is there for one another.
  11. Thanks guys. I'm so sorry for my craziness. The pain i am going through is immense, i'm so sorry.
  12. There is nothing to be sorry for. We are here for you. This is what love is about, having the opportunity to love another. Thank you for be open so that we can be blessed by loving you.
  13. Thank you Olivia. I got so scared where the devil made me think that i've ruined everything and can't connect with you guys anymore cos he made me give in to fear and paranoia, and crazy stupid thoughts. Sometimes i'm so strong but there are times i am so weak and vulnerable.
  14. I think you are a blessing to this site and I am glad you are here. You have added many valuable comments and I personally would feel a loss if you weren't here. If I am on and you need prayer right then let me know and I will pray for you.
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