Thank you :)

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  1. Thank you :)

    I just wanted to thank the for the oppertunity to advertise with them, this month.

    My website is which is a fast growing social networking website. We are currently working on a brand new look and brand new features which we hope to have in place within the next two weeks.

    May God bless you all and have a wonderful Christmas.

  2. Welocme to CFS my brother!:)
  3. Thank you for supporting us Stephen. :)

    You have a wonderful site.
  4. Thank you both.

    BTW, you not thought about adding the 'Thank you' button mod on here? i was looking for it :)
  5. I did have a look at that hack a long time back but I didn't think it was really needed. The lesser the hacks the more securer and faster the forum is. :)
  6. oh the thank you button is a hack :S? how come? I'm being sincere here lol I never knew that. (I don't know much about forums xD) but i love that thank you button xD
  7. Oh by hacks I meant addons. Addons for CFS software (vbulletin) are not officially supported or tested by the forum developers (Jelsoft). We install them at our own risk. So more the addons, more the risk and more work during forum upgrades etc. :)
  8. That's no kidding. ;)
  9. Sadly my hosts shut us down, without warning (hostv). I hope to be back up and running asap but it means starting again from scratch :( a whole years work lost.
  10. Bummer. But do not be discouraged, God who works all things for good will have His hand on you to have an even better site.:)
  11. Thanks :) i am currently rebuilding ourlordsfriends. cheers :)
  12. Hi All,

    I just wanted to let you all know that Christian chat room, community and online church is back up. We are in beta mode meaning that we are still fixing bugs as they are reported but 99% of the site seems to be working good.

    We have a lot of new features including a footerbar where you can chat 121 with your friends, you can now share recipes, jokes, write blogs, quizzes, polls and starting this month, a weekly bible study and prayer evening, where more can be found out in our church section. We also have a prayer room, if you want to add a prayer :)

    God bless

  13. Free online bible

    Hi All,

    Just wanted to let you know we now have a working bible search here:

    Christian chat room, community and online church

    You can also add the bible search to your websites but using the code added here:

    widgets » Christian chat room, community and online church

    The Bible widget is free for people to use so please feel free to add it to your blogs or websites. It searches the King James version and we will be looking at adding other bible versions in the future.

    May God Bless you all

  14. After a lot of hard work, we now have a brand new feature called facebook Connect. If you are a member of facebook, then you can now join/ login to using your facebook details. It is that simple, just two feilds that needs filling in.
    If you would like to join using your facebook account, then please click on the facebook connect icon on the homepage above the 'Members Login' link.

    Hope to see you all there.

    God Bless

  15. Nice work Steve! :)
  16. Thank you Jeff, much appreciated :)
  17. Just to let you know that today we have started our free biblestudy. They are short, weekly modules.
  18. We have recently launched a new e-card section and redesgined the forum :)
  19. Congratulations on your new launch.

    God bless,


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