Thank you for this forum

Discussion in 'Answers' started by Unregistered Christian, May 13, 2009.

  1. Thank you for this forum

    I just want to thank the people that established this site and who continually run it and moderate it. Every other christian forum or chat room that I've ever visited is generally full of strife and contention....people clubbing one another with bible verses to prove that "they're right".

    It's nice to finally find a site that provides a bit of refuge to believers, where they can come and fellowship without raising their blood pressure!

    I've drifted from God the last few years, and am trying to make my way back (praying that God will ignite that fire in my heart once again as I can't do this on my own abilities), and right now I need a building back up in the faith, not an all out wrestle mania match with other

    So thanks again to those that made this site happen with God's grace.


    ps. anyone who'd like to throw a prayer my way, it would be much appreciated :)
  2. You are absolutely correct.....The moderators are fantastic and they do not tolerate all that arguing. No one here is trying to prove how much we know or expose how much someone does not know. We all learn from one another, we all uplift one another and just like you said, there is a lot of fellowship here. I think maybe we've visited the same sites you spoke of. I do feel that God has lead me here and I know that during my time here, I have learned a lot. You see, we are all blessings to each other here. So we all grow together. Should you decide to join us, I can tell you that you will not regret it. Here at Christian Forum Site, we learn from one another, we pray for one another, there are all kinds of minsitries, recipes, advices, bible studies as I hope you have already seen. But let me just say this, you have not gotten too far away from God that He cannot reach you. You may have drifted but we all have done that at some point in their lives but God is right there waiting for you to return to Him. Call upon the Lord and return to Him and He will restore the relationship. Coming across this site is no accident. So, come and learn and grow with us.

  3. Hi,

    I posted the above before I registered. I'm now a registered member! Don't know how much I have to contribute at this point (my gas tank is still empty at this point), but I'll be lurking and learning. ;)

  4. Glad you chose to join us. Please stop by the New Member area and introduce yourself.

    Love your little puppy dog.

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