thank you for allowing me join this

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  1. thank you for allowing me join this

    I am a chritian in China. I love Jesus because Jesus love me. maybe my wife love me because I love her.
    I am not good at English, I come here for studying English.
    I hope some one like to help me to improve my Enlish skills.
    I am computer software engineer.
    I want to immigrate to Australia by 175 visa. I have to ready for IETLS.
    I work, I study, I have responsibility for my family.
    there are my father, my stepmother, my father-in-law , my mother-in-law, my wife, and I, we seprate to 3 families. And, I have a sister, She married and have a son. I love them.
    My wife and I believe in Jeusu, but others don't believe in Christ yet. I am praying for this and introduce gospel to them. God bless them.
    I was a village boy, now , I live in city, but my father still live in country, I have a dream--live with my father together. I work hard for it(I need money to buy a house for my father--it's not easy).
    I have personal loans for my house with my wife. I need pay it every months for 20 years.
    I want to study master lessons, but it's a plan.
    well...... other things
    I love my country, though it's not a best country, I think it's a better country compary with more poor country or some kingdom in history.
    I am a house church--I think, but I surpport TSPM, I read bible, pray, share .
    I develope some software for church , and I plan to translate some software to Chinese, for example:churchinfo
    my dream is to build a school to teach bible--it's not easy.
  2. I'm also not that good in english. I'm from the Philippines. It takes a lot of practice to learn it.

    And you are very welcome here to study english and to study the words in the Bible.

    I suggest you try reading the english bible accompanied w/ your chinese bible.

    God bless you Enoch :)
  3. Welcome Enoch

    You're doing very well with English!
  4. Welcome Enoch

    thank you for sharing your story and testimony -- when you can I would love to learn more about your house church.

    Writing on the forum will be good to practice your english skills and I hope you have someone to talk to in English to know the sounds of the words!

    God bless you and your family! Welcome to the forum from another newbie

  5. Welcome to CFS
  6. Greetings from Australia Enoch,

    I moved to Australia about a year and a half myself, its a great place to live in...Its great to read through your testimony. This is a great community you joined and im glad you did. Hey if you have any questions with moving over here, ill be glad to help ya out..

    Cheers mate
  7. Amen! What a fantastic way to share Christ!!!!
    I know it's not easy. But with God, all things are possible. Just keep pressing into God. And if this is part of his will, he will make it so!

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