Thank you Abdicate!

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  1. Just wanted to show my appreciation for your blog. Thank you very much for sharing what you have learning through your blog. I was reading through some of your entries and was blessed by the words you wrote. Thank you brother and please continue doing the work you do in blessing others.
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  2. I continue to be impressed by @Abdicate. He is a treasure and on my households prayer list. A fellow truth seeker.

    PS: read his book, Chronolgy of Man.
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  3. Silk,

    Is his book in his blog page? If so, where would I find it?
  4. Thank you Silk.
  5. No need. Thank God for people like Abdicate.
  6. Awww Thanks Silk! Glory to God for blessed words of life! :cry: :notworthy: :)
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  7. The book reads more like a reference book and so if you get stuck on something you can jump to the middle or the end and hop back and forth. Took me many years to write. Since people like charts, I made one of the book here others like lists so that one is here Neither are as indepth as the book and neither have the appendixs which really should be separate thoughts. Thanks for the plug @Silk :)
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  8. Thank you very much for such kind words. Everything I have I believe I've gotten from the Lord. He wants us to know and understand everything, after all we are His Bride :) Thank you for your kind and blessed words! Glory to God for His anointing upon us all!
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