Discussion in 'Humor' started by chili, Nov 15, 2009.

  1. texting


  2. [​IMG]Ummmmm nuttin here:)
  3. what u talkin bout?
  4. I don't see anything either brother.

  5. Ummmm just like I said..nutting here hehe:smiley10:
  6. Yup... nothing there.
  7. should be good now :)
  8. :smiley10: good one Chili
  9. So true. :smiley10:
  10. My friend died two weeks ago because of a guy who was texting.
  11. So sorry to hear that.
  12. I'm sorry. It is not funny is it. The pic was funny but in real life it is serious stuff. I think it should be treated like drinkin n drivin i my opinion
  13. I think I may have to agree with you Chili.

    I know that texting while driving in a school zone is illegal; why not every where else?

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