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  1. Hi Gemma,

    If the fruit of the Spirit were completely manifested in a person, that person would be perfect. None of us would qualify to move in the gifts of the Spirit by that standard! Whilst we certainly should be growing in the fruit of the Spirit, God of necessity gives His gifts to imperfect people.

    With prophecy, the fruit we need to be looking at is not necessarily the fruit in the life of the person bringing the prophecy, but what the prophecy produces in the hearers. We need to ask, "If I accept this word, will it bring me closer to the Lord or take me away from Him?"


  2. JReid, I think I miss understood your meaning. The pastor show know who and who is not comfortable in doing so, but at the same time we should not be ashamed to pray.
  3. Hi Lynn,

    What you said is true that the fruits don't have to be totally manifested in a person. My question was a spur-of-the-moment as I had been reading a thread or two in the forum and from the encounters I had with people who have the gifts of prophecy and tongues. I asked that question before I found out that the person who has the gift of prophecy, who I thought mostly had the fruits, admitted that she used to be judgmental, has avoided people when she's tired, etc.. Prior to that admission of hers, I was moved by her goodness and the love she showed to me and others although she can be tempted into becoming a stuck-up person as she has it all.

    Now, the thing with the groups of people who have the gifts of tongues, I didn't see any meekness or gentleness with regards to believing as they're the "Christian Christians" or the "real Christians" and some believe that those that don't speak in tongues aren't saved or real Christians or the Holy Spirit isn't with them. Sadly, their arrogance was clear to me and others who were there but don't have the gift of tongues. Frankly, I felt left out in the midst of them and they talked like God filled them with His Holy Spirit and was sorry that I was not. However, I know a couple guys who have the gift of tongues but individually said that the gift is done out of respect and love for others. My pastor doesn't show it to us nor ask us to start speaking in tongues nor start speaking in tongues while he's teaching in front of the congregation. A close relative of mine who does have the gift said that the language is not "Ba, ba, ba,...." and that no pastor nor church taught him the language.

    So, yes, the fruit(s) will be there when the person starts using his/her gift(s).


    I just remembered to add after my last sentence. I was already lying in bed and my computer had been off for awhile.
    So, yes, the fruit(s) will be there when the person starts using his/her gift(s), provided that the gift passed the tests.

    I just found out that I could still edit my previous post after several hours.
  4. Agree, we should pray for one another, but to actually prophesy over somebody when God has not actually spoken is false prophecy.

    Let me clarify using an example. Let's say a person goes to the front of the church for prayer. The Pastor calls you up and says:

    a: "Pray for this persons needs" - nothing wrong in praying and interceding on the persons behalf.
    b: "Prophesy and tell this person what God wants them to do" - If the Holy Spirit has given you an instruction for this person then give it (the church needs to judge the prophecy anyway) - if the Holy Spirit has said nothing then under no circumstances give this person any instructions or advice with the illusion it comes from God. It would be better just to say "I have nothing at this moment but lets pray together and seek God's wisdom in this."

    Lets rather seek God's direction in humility together than give false prophecy in pride.
  5. I am not ashamed to pray for someone, I do so alot. There have been times when I was led of the Lord to step over to a person, place my hands upon them and pray, but in being called upon to do so that particular time my mind went totally blank. I had no prompting of the Lord to say anything. At times like that it's best not to try to stumble out something that has no anointing on it.

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