Testimony of a Resurrection:

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  1. Testimony of a Resurrection:

    I received this in my email. I was in a hurry and posted it before I checked the authenticity.
    I deleted everything in here because I couldn’t find the original story in the source link.
    The Recent Events / Praise Reports page from that source hasn’t been updated for almost 6 years. So I’m not too sure about any of this.
    I’ll leave the source link here. If you can find the original story, let me know.

    Source: David and Kathie Walters Ministries

    I found the story.

    Breaking Christian News - Testimony of a Resurrection
  2. Glory, awe, and worship be to the Lord, our salvation.

    With Christ's infinite power, and our great faith, we can do anything.
  3. WoW, Dean! What an AWSOME story!! Julia listened to the Holy Spirit speaking to her and obeyed right away. Just think. . . what if she had ignored it?! But, she didn't!

    That was a real blessing! Thanx for sharing it! I want to go on a missions trip some day!
  4. Dude. AWESOME!:bow::amen::jesus-cross::dance:
  5. :cool::) God is cool! Miracles are often a sign to the unbelievers.
  6. Only such a miraculous thing as that could prove what the teens were saying about Jesus.
  7. Please do not believe everything you read or hear! This same ministry is tied to the Lakeland revival and endorces Todd Bentley!

  8. For a lot of people, that gives them more credibility.
    Thanks for the info. :D
  9. That is a matter of oppinion! I guess that is why you said:
  10. REMNANT.

    May I remind you of a comment made in another thread by our Senior Moderator in response to your comments on Todd Bentley.

    These can be found at http://www.christianforumsite.com/private-discussions/15194-todd-bentley.html
    He also asked you to stop in the thread

    Lakeland Revival

    Here he commented
    We know that you do not approve of Todd Bentley. Your views have been made crystal clear. But we must insist that you do not push them on this forum any more.

    If you insist on posting this type of comment after being instructed to stop twice by the Senior Moderator we will be forced to take disciplinary action.
  11. You don't have to remind me! I am very aware of what I said. I will abide by the rules of this forum, but I also think that others should also be careful about posting articles that leads to the same and repromanded.
  12. If you ever see any other member post something that goes against the forum rules please click the report button and a moderator will investigate.
    The rules apply to everyone.
  13. Well I have to commend him on the minsitry that he's doing. We certainly need more to get involved with youth.

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