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  1. Praise Jesus! Glory to God! Thank you for these words of encouragement.
  2. A little encouragement goes a long ways. Your very welcome sis mmmm hhmmm :)
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  3. sorry, I cant help but notice you seem to think Holy Spirit speaking to us or filled by the Holy Spirit is something unusual?

    because it should be a common experience among born again believers.....
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  4. Your characterization of what I think about it is incorrect. I never said or implied it was "unusual." I was wanting to hear about others' experience with it, and also I was (and am still) just that I amazed by it. Having been somebody who didn't know God even existed and then to have such an experience myself, I was taken aback and amazed by it. It sort of surprises me that you seem to think a new Christian should already be so jaded to think, "ppssh, yeah that's just the Holy Spirit, no biggie, it's so commonplace" instead of being in awe and wonder by the fact that it has happened. To me, the fact that I asked and the fact that when it happen I am blown away is a GOOD thing... I hope I never get to the place of thinking I should be such an insignificant, everyday thing that I don't awe at it.

    Additionally, I don't understand your point... because even if it is a common experience among born again believers, how would I know that? I didn't join a group in my city of born again believers and I don't have people calling me every day and telling me about how the Holy Spirit manifested itself in their lives that day. I'm supposed to know what's common among others? I only know about my own experiences, and what I read or learn through asking questions on a forum such as this one.
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  5. well, I could only go by what you wrote, not what you have not wrote.

    so it is good that you clarified.

    the reality is written words are never as precise as we think they are, and yes, we all make certain amount of inference.

    for example, when you said " you seem to think a new Christian should already be so jaded to think, "ppssh, yeah that's just the Holy Spirit, no biggie, it's so commonplace"

    well, I don't recall I ever indicated that I think filled by Holy Spirit or being spoken to by Him is something that is no biggie. Neither I assumed that a new Christian would have automatic knowledge of it.

    I was simply going by what you have shared in the original post, which to me, sounded like you were asking if the experience you had was common, and I know you are not a new Christian at this point.

    it was just a question, it was not intended as anything.

    so it was just a case of misunderstanding , that is all.
  6. Yes i know it was a misunderstanding. I wasn't mad or anything, I was just clarifying.
    and actually I AM a new Christian... lol.
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  7. God has worked in my life in the most unexpected ways. I have never been happy in this world, and I have always had spiritual feelings beyond touchable. I remember when I was a kid, I would usually play alone and think about the things we cannot see with the eyes.

    I knew there must be something out there that would give me answers to life and I would finally find the purpose of all things. At the age of 19, I left my home country and moved abroad to work. It was hard time for me and it even made me seek the truth more. Devil didn´t wait for a long and I got involved in tarot reading. I still remember how happy I was when all predictions were fullfilled each time I read cards. It was easy way to get addicted. Soon, tarot cards reading became my everyday habbit. And I was happy! I thought that I finally found out all answers that I have had!

    2 years have passed and my life started to fall apart. It seemed to me that no matter what I do, everything always gets messed up. There were moments when I broke down crying, totally hopeless and desperate. I have developed a friendship with my colleague who always tolerated my mood swings. He was simply always there for me. I couldnt find the solution so I continued with my tarot cards indulging in my misery.

    Another 2 years have passed and I was even in worse condition. It got to the point when I couldnt sleep at night, I became paranoid, I hate all people and everything seemed dark to me. One night I woke up on something touching my cheek and making strange sounds - needless to say, demon came to me. I still remember the desperation and fear. I moved to another house. In the summer 2013 I told it to my friend who was always by my side. He advised me to pray. So I prayed but it was working only a little. To get rid of the fear I have contacted a medium living near my city. I knew that he cast cast out demons (how stupid I was). He sent me an e-mail that he was willing to come over to my house anytime. I dont know but something was holding me back to confirm my invitation. I was walking all day long around thinking about it, yet I was unable to get to my computer and simply say ,,yes! come over!". FInally I forced myself to reply to him, but as soon as I opened my e-mail, my friend knocked on the door to visit me. I was unable to reply to the medium once again.

    We sat down and I told him the story. He looked at me in very serious way ,,Have you ever heard about Jesus Christ?" he asked. At that point my heart broke and dont ask me how, but I simply knew this is the way. ANd I knew I cannot go back to my old habbits. Devil wanted me back and I got into disagreement with my boss who did not treat me well one day. I was really sad because of it. And I just realised that i totally forgot about my tarot cards for few months after I heard the gospel. THe thought came to my mind, saying ,,Read your cards, you know it has always worked for you. You always got your answers". So I threw the cards, but as soon as I flipped the first one I felt disgust and I knew it was wrong. My soul hated it. I burned the cards that day and I was set free.

    I started to read the Bible. The beginnings were hard because I didnt understand much of it, so I prayed and God was gracious to me and opened my eyes. I have never seen demon since then. Jesus healed my heart and soul as well as led me to the church where he wants to have me. I was baptized with the Holy Spirit where I experienced God´s power. It was like flame going through my body filling each cell. If I have seen green tree before my conversion, I would see it even greener after my conversion, haha. My eyes were open, He removed the heart of stone from me and gave me living heart of flesh instead.

    God was mercifull to my family, because my sister got saved right after me. We were disinherited by our family because of Jesus but Lord is faithfull, and He fixed all things. Not only my family´s disagreement, but He healed our relationships as well. It has been 1 years since I accepted Jesus into my life, and He does a lot of miracles in my life. He teaches me to be patient and obedient but most of all He teaches me to love. All I can say, my life would have no worth if Jesus was not in it. God is beautiful, mercifull and loving!
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  8. I enjoyed all the stories of how each of you came to the Lord! So obvious that the Lord deals with us each in our own individual way. The salvation message is the same but it comes to each of us where we are. My story is not dramatic really (except to me). I went down to the altar in my home church at age 12. It was such a real experience and I felt the peace of God after asking for His salvation. Then about a year later I had an amazing experience of being baptized in the Holy Spirit. I know this is what got me through my teen years. I was a quiet teenager but I questioned everything. When I was struggling with things like creation vs evolution and issues of right and wrong etc....I never could doubt the truth of God because of the Holy Spirit baptism. I knew that had been the most REAL thing that had ever happened to me. So actually, my struggles were mostly just episodes and growing pains both as a human and as a believer.
    I married a mostly (LOL) awesome guy and raised 3 really wonderful sons....There have been some trials and sad times of saying goodbye to loved ones called on to be with the Lord, but its been amazing. My sis in law is always saying how she is God's favorite, and I can identify with that. The joy of the Lord has been my strength for sure. I know my emotions ebb and flow but I rest in knowing that His love for me is everlasting and not subject to moods and circumstance. God is so faithful and His mercy endures forever!
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  9. this is the website for a listing of hundreds of simply wonderful, amazing, uplifting miracles for everything under the sun by saints -
    enjoy reading of how gracious, how loving our Lord and Saviour is.

    In brotherly love, Waggles from Downunder 849610-sa-brand.jpg < I live here
  10. I was lost, God saved me, and Now I still fall, but I focus on the lord and his grace covers me:ROFLMAO:

    But the longer version goes like this
    I was raised in a christian home, and I have been going to the same church since my first week of life pretty much. I was saved at the age of 7, I remember riding in the truck with my dad, and crying alot because I let down God, so he pulled over and talked me through what it meant to be saved, and I was saved on the side of the road.
    In my early stages of my walk, I was like most young kids were, and wanted to share what had happened with all my friends, and I did. Going through elementary and starting middle school, i was known as the church kid, and I was fine with that, because in my mind, all my friends knew God.
    In 8th grade, as I became more exposed to the world, and the realities that my friends were not saved sunk in, i started to backslide. My friends weren't by any means the "bad" kids, they did what most kids do, some started smoking pot, some partied on occasion, and I'd end up going with them. I took one hit off a bong, and drank one beer, and I remember the sermon that sunday was on how christians are to stand out in the world, and I felt burdened with the fact that I was fitting in with the crowds I went to. After that, I still went to get togethers with these guys, but I became either the designated driver, the "keymaster" or the sober buddy when there was another person who wouldn't drink. However, I still wouldn't say I was on fire for the lord, I was still small in my walk, and stumbled alot. I still wanted to fit in with the crowd at school, and I didn't include God in everything I did

    My Junior year of highschool, we went to a village for a missions trip, one that I had been on every year since 7th grade. But this time it hit me that the Lord was the Lord of my life, and everything is for his glory. It hit me like a sack of bricks, and it also made me realize how much power the Lord has over everything. After that trip, I had this immense joy, and I still have it, and since then, I have been really pursuing God. I still mess up, and I will always be growing in the faith. Some days really just suck, and I have to push myself to pursue God, and find the good. However, God always pulls me up when I call for it, and he provides me with so much more good than any trials can compare to.
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  11. Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God.
    And such were some of you: but ye are washed, but ye are sanctified, but ye are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God.
    1Corinthians 6: 10-11

    Flee fornication. Every sin that a man doeth is without the body; but he that committeth fornication sinneth against his own body.
    What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?
    For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God's. 1Corinthians 6: 18-20
  12. My story begins when i was 7 or 8. I found out that my cousin was being baptized and i wanted that too. So my uncle sat me down and explained to me and my brother what it meant to be saved. We were baptized the next day.

    Seemed as if everything in my life was normal. I went to church, but as i look back on things i realized that i really was not shown or didn't grasp ahold of what it truly meant to walk with God. I loved being at church and when i got older i wanted to just stay there, because it seemed as if that was my happy and peaceful place. But that was not possible to live in a church.

    So when i was 17 i thought that God wanted me to go into missions, in other countries, and work with children. But i got scared and unwisely got married instead. My life was full of toil from then on. And my marriage was not a happy one. I tried everything i knew to do to make it work, but now i realize that was just it...it was I and all about me....I was not fully surrendering to God, and walking in His ways, I didn't know how. I knew the Bible, and what it said, but because i was such a mess inside i was not good ground for holding onto the scriptures and how to put them into practice. I remember sitting in my closet on the floor, scared because i felt as if i had no solid footing or "rules" to go by. I could not figure out how to feel secure and sure footed. Thus began my downfall. I hated my life, and the way that i behaved.

    Now fast forward about 5 years My point of total surrender...... My life was a mess. I was divorced, i had lost custody of my children, due to a bad lifestyle and my daughter (who lived with me, because her dad kicked her out) was hooked on meth, and the thought that gang life was fun or a good thing. Even though i knew Jesus, and had thought i had walked with Him, practically all my life, i chose to walk away because i could not get myself right. I felt like i was two or three different people sometimes.

    But in the midst of my mess, God sent a very loving and kind friend to love me and not judge me. And he helped encourage me to stand up and be a whosoever. Right before sending an encourager, i began to sing Jesus take the wheel, cuz i truly knew that the things that i was going through with my daughter was more than i could handle. And i knew in my heart that there was this fear of God turning me over to a reprobate mind. To me it seemed that in the 5 years that i was away from Him, there were times when i knew He was just waiting for me to return, and that He was reminding me that He was still there. Even in those dark times when i just didn't want to be alive anymore.

    As i began to seek the Lord again, digging my Bible out, and trying to get back to where i used to be, i tell you it was difficult at first. I had a real difficult time understanding the easy to read version of the Bible. This is when God sent the encourager to encourage me to keep trying and stay in the word. God is sooooo good! When i got past some of the roadblocks in my mind i felt a lot clearer, and excited to be back in communion with God.

    It took me loosing my job, then my unemployment, and moving clear across the usa, for God to get me to a place of total surrender, and learning to lean and trust in Him. And as He has so graciously put a roof over my head, i am totally ready to move out of my friends apartment, and go forth in all that His future for me holds.

    There has been a lot of ups and downs and a lot of my being cranky, because my flesh could not be in control. I think that has been the hardest things that i have had to learn, how to make my flesh, and i have to have it my way attitude, submit.

    But Glory be to God!!! I am a new creature in Christ and to me it was all worth it. God has prepared me every step of the way! And taken awesome wonderful care of me!
    Blessing to you all!
  13. Ex-atheist, found God, in full-time ministry now.

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