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  1. Tell your friends about CFS

    :shepherd: Did you enjoy your time at Christian Forum Site? Lets share it with our friends.

    I am amazed by how our community grew so fast. I didn't realize this fact that there are so many Christian's out there in need of a good online fellowship. So why not we spread the news together and tell others (family/friends/Church) how Jesus helped us learn and share so much via this community.

    Use the referral link situated here:
    and invite your friends to join you here.

    :shepherd: Some ideas:

    Refer via your own website:
    Put your CFS referral link into your website and invite your visitors to join you here. You can also create a page/section called forum where you can explain about CFS and have the link there. Since we already have a clean and well moderated forum, your visitors will only like the site. If you already have a link to, replace it with the referral link, so we can keep track of friends you have referred.

    Refer via other websites:
    Add your referral link to your page in facebook, myspace, blog or any other website/forum. Again, if you already have a link to, replace it with the referral link, so we can keep track of friends you have referred. Avoid posting it on non-Christian sites.

    Refer via email:
    Write a nice email invitation and send it along with the referral link to friends you know. You can also forward it to your Church leader/pastor. Please do not spam anyone.

    Refer via other methods:

    Do you write articles for magazines, post vidoes, do your own radio show or podcast? Send your audience the referral link.

    Join CFS blogs and start blogging:
    Start blogging on CFS, post your referral link there and share your blog with your friends. To ensure you get the best out of your CFS blogging experience, I am considering certain major changes (in 6-12 months). Clue: Enhanced social networking.

    Here are some nice buttons and banners, you can add:

    Thanks for being such wonderful members and I hope you will continue to enjoy your time here.
    God bless.
  2. Thank you, Jeff...this is nice.
    I'll use them :)
  3. [​IMG]

    As a token of appreciation for your effort, In Faith Wear ( is giving away a free t-shirt to the top referrer. All you have to do is refer as many Christian friends using the your referral link and at the end of August 2007, we will see who referred the most. :D

    Winner can chose from any one of the adult size t-shirts from their collection and it will be sent to your address free of charge. Contest is open to all, including staff.

    Winner Announcement:

    Dusty wins this contest. :D
  4. Jeff, all my friends are here!! :dance:
  5. Thanks Violet. :D Have you offered them tea or some snacks? :p
  6. Oh, what a horrible hostess I am!
    Tea anyone?
    A piece of CHEESECAKE?


    How about a picnic?
  7. Ok, I'll have a picnic by myself if nobody wants to come.....Y'all sure now?
  8. Ooooo I'll come! :D
  10. Yuh huh - I LOVE picnics! :D
  11. Mind if I join you? :D
  12. Funny I just can't seem to taste anything-LOL!
    Heh Jeff I was involve with a marine aquarium site that printed up business cards for everyone to hand out - it seemed to have had a positive effect- just a thought for the future perhaps-May God bless and keep each one here- Larry
  13. Of course! The more the merrier! :D
  14. I think your about to see this forum get a lot larger.....
  15. Yes, it might. :eek: And I hope we can keep it as friendly and neat as it is now. The Team has done a pretty good and hopefully we'll continue like that if not for an improvement.
  16. Hello everyone,

    The contest will be ending soon. Since some members you referred might not have entered you as the referrer in their registration page, I will not be able to include them as your referrals. In such a case, pm me their names and I'll add them to your referral list.

    I'll close the contest soon but allow 2 more days for you to pm me your friends names.
  17. Contest closed.

    Referral statistics till 31 August shows:

    Jeff 5 (But I cannot win ;))
    Dusty 3
    Jesus 2
    Rev_Rick 2
    God's_Child 1
    Steven 1
    macrohard 1
    deathwilldie 1
    God-Sent 1
    Boanerges 1
    HisManySongs 1
    ThinkOnItDevotions 1
    Unconventional 1
    sky 1
    Dr. Yotsuba 1
    mustardseed 1
    Pastor Gary 1
    pkkontario 1
    Tree 1

    If you have invited you friends and you know them by their username pm me the list and I'll add to this list.
  18. Dusty wins the contest.

  19. HTML code to link to CFS

    Here's the HTML code you can use to link to Christian Forum Site from your website.

    <a href="">Christian Forum Site</a>

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