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  1. Please watch this eye-opening video.
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  2. Please also share this with your family and friends.
  3. The images used against Wilkerson's sermon are nothing but hype, and as the title of the video goes, there is nothing about the Illuminati there. Wilkerson points out the dangers that befall believers in this culture, but any right-thinking believer already knows this stuff. We live in an evil world, and wickedness is all around us.

    Nothing new.
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  4. That is true, but there are believers who still watch TV. Did you watch the whole video? The best part was at the end.
  5. Juk, I feel you're getting yourself worked up. Rather than dissect the illuminati... delve deeper into God.

    All the former will do is scare you silly...
    So let God take care of those small groups of people in high places.
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  6. Calm down, not all tv is bad :)
  7. I watched it all. I have read his teachings and known Pastor Wilkerson for many years. He is as solid a Christian as there ever was.

    Juk......preachers like him who expose the lies and deception of others will always be rejected as the trouble makers. You see, we like what we like and even when the truth exposes the lies of men we will reject that truth because it is easier to stay with what we are comfortable with.

    Jesus was asked by His disciples in Matthew 24 what would be the sign of His coming and the end of the world. The FIRST thing He said would be taking place would be RELIGIOUS DECEPTION.

    That is exactly what I see on most all "religious TV". Yes there are some TV preachers who give wonderful Bible studies and sermons but they are few and far between.
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  8. What you call "best" part is merely someone's opinion and had nothing to do with Wilkerson, but is nothing but sensationalism.
  9. What part are you talking about?
  10. Tossed my Idiot Box back in November & couldn't be happier. I hear it's getting worse week by week.
    I will set no wicked thing before mine eyes: I hate the work of them that turn aside; it shall not cleave to me.
    Psalm 101:3
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  11. I wish my mom would get rid of her TVs. She watches shows such as Scandal, the Wendy Williams show, and many reality shows.
  12. The images are sensationalist, but the last part is someone's preachiness.
  13. And there are believers who watch all these videos claiming this and that and actually believe them too. ;)
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  14. The box it self is not the idot but those who allow it to plant weeds in with their seed.
    The TV is a great tool - it even has a dial or two called tuners and this allows you to sday NO to some and YES to others. lol - The problem is when we wont say NO.

    The same goes for the internet - it is full of evil but you dont have to use it for this.
    All media machines are just tools - learn how to use them and they will bless the user but use them in error and - well you get the rest @Juk
    God Bless
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  15. But these videos are not bad. They are actually productive.
  16. Not all television is bad. The problem today is that people are addicted to it and this is not healthy.
    Television in moderation is good as its a stimulant.
    For example: I work over 70 hours a week, thus television helps me relax along with the Bible, spending time with God etc.
    If you don't like television fair enough, but people do (including believers and ministers).
    Some churches use modern day technology too, such as Twitter, Facebook, etc.
    Modern Gospel preaching. :)
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  17. 70 hrs. a week???? Bless your heart...........feet and back as well!

    I used to do that also.
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  18. Many years ago, I think back in the 50's a Southern Baptist preacher was run out of the Southern Baptist Convention because he preached sermons condemning the TV. His name was Lester Rolloff. I wonder what the thinking is today?
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  19. With your own understanding - see the problem

  20. Your picture suggests you enjoyed the Jeremy Brett Sherlock Holmes series.
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