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  1. Not speaking about any pastors specifically, but the question is, at what point do we say they're false prophets? Is there a clear line that they cross?
  2. 1) Any distortion to gospel
    2) Introducing extra biblical revelation
    3) Trying to project they have extra grace compared to congregation (this leads into a cultic behavior)

    I would say these are the factors to call someone a false prophet..
  3. I agree, especially with the distortion of the gospel.
  4. Actually you asked "false prophet" not "false teacher" if they claim to have heard from God make a prophecy and it does not come to pass they are a false prophet...if they do not repent as publicly as they allegedly prophesied no longer listen to them (warn others)
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  5. All I'll say is this: go to God and ask Him if the person is a "false prophet." If He says yes, then don't watch/ follow them.
  6. I once saw a TV Evangelist say God told him that all gay people would be burned with fire in 1975. It didn't happen.

    Another said God revealed to him that Jesus would return in September 1994. Sold millions in books. It didn't happen. He did not repent or return the money he scammed...

    Another said Jesus was going to appear with him on stage in his Kenyan revival and he needed money to fund the project. He got millions. It never happened. He did not repent nor did he return their money.

    I won't mention any names. That does not mean God does not sometimes use these people....remember He can (and did) use an ass if necessary to accomplish His goal...
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    Brother Paul wrote: if they prophesy and it does not come to pass; I agree that THAT would be a false prophet.
    I also would lean to (1) "Any distortion of the Gospel" applies to anyone, and that would qualify them as false teachers.
    (2), and (3) could be a believer who does not know the Gospel or cannot defend him/herself against seducing spirits. (Personally,
    I think a believer can be a person who has only repented but has not grown in the Word).

    His NAME is Jesus!
  8. Yes! I think Major's description of a false teacher (also often being false prophets) is sound...and I think of Joseph Smith as a perfect non-TV version of this description.
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    I heard a "prophet" on world-wide [sic: christian] station prophesy that the Holy Spirit told him that the Lord Jesus would return
    and rapture the Church before he died. Everyone in the audience, including the owners, applauded him and "praised the Lord". Less than three yrs later the prophet died: no rapture.

    Walk in the Truth.
  10. Amen to that...
  11. I think this is why it is so important to study the word of God. Without knowing it, how can we know if what a person is saying lines up with scripture? But, if a person does say something that is not true, does that make them a false prophet or teacher, or what if they just made a honest mistake.
    I remember a time in the bible when Peter said something false, and Christ told him, "Get behind me Satan" Surely Peter was not defined as a false prophet for saying something false that would happen. “Never, Lord!” he said. “This shall never happen to you!”
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    Good. The problem you are presenting, it seems, is that too many do not read/study the scriptures for themselves. They are taught by ministers that also do not read/study scriptures and are also taught by other men.
  13. True but that is not the same as if I were to say "God spoke to me and said thus and so was going to happen...". In this instance impetuous Peter is clearly speaking his own opinion and it is further revealed his attitude was that he was not going to let it happen (cutting off Malcus ear is one example of this)
  14. Yes I prefer to just read my bible.
  15. A very valid question.. That is why I added a point on extra-biblical revelation! Interpreting scripture incorrectly is one thing and adding to the scripture is totally another thing :) That is why I don't pay much attention when people write books about their visit to heaven and how they met everyone in heaven.. I am not judging them.. But that is not going to edify me.. I don't believe Lord is going to reveal anything extra to us about heaven apart from what is already written in the Word of God..
  16. I agree Rav, You know I have had dreams and even a vision, but these things always pointed me to some truth in Gods Word. Those who follow after men or signs and wonders etc.. well eventually be led away from the Word of God. Now I come from the "charismatic" background and I know that some of the things God does through His Spirit can appear odd to the natural mind of man. But what we have now in many of these "charismatic" groups is just unbiblical and apart from any order that God has established. Its a hard thing to judge, and one should use caution, but we are called to judge and test the spirits. I have found some things that I just cant judge, so I leave it alone. I just try to be honest with God saying "I don't know if this is you, so I cant be a part of it". Some things are clearly just folks acting religious in the flesh, and some things are clearly false spirits at work. But the Word of God is sure and it is the source of my Spiritual life.
  17. You made a great point which I have been realizing off late.. Put it out so well!
  18. Did Major's post get deleted? I don't see it at all!

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