Teletubbies Controversy

Discussion in 'Books, Music and Television' started by Polly, Jan 18, 2014.

  1. So I heard a lot of these stories that the Teletubbies are sinful or satanic and that Tinky Winky is homosexual. I don't believe that the Teletubbies would be bad. But are these stories true what they say about Teletubbies? I am just wondering, because Teletubbies was my favorite show when I was a baby.

    And I am sorry for asking this, but I ask this seriously and honestly, because I am a bit confused and I wonder that why would Teletubbies be bad? I never saw anything bad on Teletubbies...

    I also heard that the Teletubbies are banned in some countries.

    If this topic is not appropiate, then tell me, but I don't want any bad consequences on this site, and I was only just asking, because I am curious but I worry a lot.
  2. In my opinion, I believe they are good. I personally never watched them. And no none of them are homosexual. So, no need to worry. And I think they are banned in some countries because of the governments.
  3. Okay. That's what I thought. But some pope wanted them to be banned. And also, I always wondered why does Tinky Winky have a handbag and some pink stuff.
  4. That I can't answer for you, @Polly
  5. Okay. But maybe they just randomly put those things in Teletubbies.
  6. Yes they did for sure.
  7. I wouldn't say they were 'satanic' or 'homosexual'. I've never even heard of that before. Though I would say that for a baby absorbing everything like a sponge, it might be better watching something that wasn't so random. I remember my nephew watching Baby Einstein as a little kid and he quickly caught on to numbers and letters... but no, I wouldn't say Telletubbies are evil...
  8. I used to have a La La Teletubby. I heard what you did... don't know how true any of that stuff is. It's weird if the boy one has a handbag, etc. Not sure.
  9. Why is it weird? It's only modern society that defines the opinion that only girls have handbags.

    I think it's weird that men in some cultures wear skirts or walk around holding hands but that's only because Western culture makes me think that way.

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