teenagers and temptation

Discussion in 'Biblical Advices' started by thirsty1, May 21, 2007.

  1. teenagers and temptation

    hey all

    I've been trying to advise my children on staying away from sex until marriage, with three daughters and a son at home it does get a bit tough my wife thinks I do ok but besides all the obvious reasons, there is one more I feel strongly about. If they give in to temptation and are not with this person forever, they have already dishonored somebody's future wife or husband. could this be a good word to them?

  2. While it is a good word the desicions they make will be their own- we raise them up in the fear and admonition of the Lord, we teach them right from wrong and we reinforce this whenever possible in a loving, caring manner. I find there is no complete talk about sex without mentioning venereal disease- there are many of theses that will haunt you for life an some that will outright kill you- I want my teenagers to know about the dangers of sinful conduct- I want them to understand that at their age love ( no matter how real it seems) can be short lived - I want to impress on them that God will honor them as they honor Him in their choices- when all this is said and done I cover them in much prayer and put them in God's hands for He is much more capable them me- in His Name Larry
  3. I think it's a good thing to mention. Perhaps the best thing you can do to illustrate the point is to let them babysit for a full 24-hours straight.

    They can start any my house.:)
  4. yeah Larry, they are in the most capable hands and I thank Him for it every day. hey Bassmasa we did this when the grandkids were real young and they still remember it. thanks Larry and Bassmasa

  5. YOur welcome thirsty1 and your not kidding Bassmassa! :D
  6. I have some great links to share but need to check with Jeff first.
    I think all teenagers need possitive role models.
    Yes, parents, but also people their own age.
    I'll add more when I hear from Jeff.

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  8. Thank You for the info, Boanerges.
    I would love for us to have a section of it's own for single life, courting, preparing for marriage, etc.....
    I think it might be very helpful and encouraging.
    I have alot to contribute.


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