Teaching young child - 3-4 years

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  1. Teaching young child - 3-4 years

    Anyone know any online resources to help youngsters learn about Jesus? I have always said I wouldnt subject someone so young to something like this but I honstly dont feel like there is much time left for us anymore and I want her to understand Jesus just in case the world becomes a hell on earth down the track and they try brainwash everyone.

    If something like that happens at least then she will remember what he father taught her and might have a fighting chance against the lies.

    8 weeks ago I re-accepted Jesus after a 10 year gap.
    for 2 weeks straight I studied Christianity.
    3 Weeks ago I was just driving along and all of a sudden got a feeling that I was living in the past - That all that we know is about to be history.
    In the last 3 weeks I have studied religion upon religion - End time theory upon End time theory. and ALOT of hidden political facts that aint grabbing media attention.
    And concluded my own theory based upon all this.

    Im not scared - Worried or even bothered if my theory is correct or not.
    All I realized is, what if it is?? my daughter knows nothing about Jesus - How easy would it be to "trick" her??? :smiley40:.
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    For ages 3-4 I'd say focus on simple stuff like trees and butterflies and wildlife and point the eyes of the imagination toward how God is in everything and left us a note in everything he made just for us . the creation is an awesome place to start always .

    as for online resources . i think there is a children's devotional on this forum somewhere .. but also something comes to me is to let the Love that God is to cast all the fear out of your heart . Children especially learn better when the message is spoken from a place of love and trust that God has things covered no matter what the future holds . Children need to feel safe .

    hope you are well in receiving this .

    agape .

  3. Thanks for your ideas.

    Yes I plan to only expose her to all the good things so she starts to get the concept of God.
    I didn't plan to tell her anything about the great tribulation or even hell - Shes just to young to get it.
    But she is a very very smart child and understands good and bad - an amazing amount of numbers and has her ABC down packed etc etc etc, list gos on. :smiley180:
  4. Let your child know how much Jesus loves her and he created her.
    Read her children stories based on the Bible.

    And actions speak louder than words. (I'm not saying you treat your child poorly, I doubt that you do. I'm sure you are a very good father.) - but make sure that when you tell your child these things, treat them like Jesus treats your child.
    - When she draws you a picture, hang it up on the fridge so everyone can see.
    - When she tells you a story, REALLY listen. Just don't nod or say "yeah." Really listen. Kids are all about facial expressions. When she tells you a story about something surprising, and you make a surprise face, she will get a kick out of it. Or if she's telling you a sad story, make a sad face. You know what I mean?
    - If she's upset over something, comfort her. Give her a hug and tell her that she is loved by her daddy and Jesus.
    - And most importantly, let her know that you love her every day and that Jesus loves her so much, as well.

    "Direct your children onto the right path, and when they are older, they will not leave it." Proverbs 22:6
  5. Well I started last week end with a short video about some of His miracles, she thought the angels in it where "bad" so I had to explain it to her.
    I didnt even realize she knew nothing at all (Not even what an angle is), her mother is christian like (Not a christian) but is open to God.
    But I guess she has done nothing with her either... (We have been broken up for about 3 years now)
  6. My own daughter is 4 and i too am concerned. I always listen for her questions when it comes to nature etc and always try and lightly dust my explinations with God. Just enough to perk her curiosity and get her to ask questions in that direction. then i explain more fully how god made things etc. I think its important to do it in a way that doesnt bore them or turn them away. There is a great audio meassage by ray comfort called "how to bring your children to christ" it is very good. im sure if you google it you will find it. I find it helpful, although i do have a long way to go. But remember, our job is just to plant the seeds. It is God who brings the increase. Prayer and patience is all we can do. and that is a lot :)
  7. How to bring your children to Christ by Ray Comfort - SermonIndex.net audio sermons you can try to download it to your computer. but just a warning, i'm not sure how safe it is and it may contain virus'.
  8. You know what we need?
    Jesus friendly cartoons and God friendly cartoons.
    There is cartoons for everything else, but a very limited number of Christian cartoons, so I have found when I have looked and looked and looked.

    Ok, this is going on my list of things I hope to achieve with help from God. might even post a prayer request later :p
  9. What about Veggie Tales?
  10. (i love veggietales!)
  11. Maybe they don't have them in Australia . Probably could buy them on line. Great stuff for kids.
  12. You aughta try this darknight, its really good^^^^ dont think it will have a virus as im pretty sure that is where i downloaded it from a few years back.

    thanks for the link xspin
  13. Found some of their EPs on youtube, we watched them today and she liked them.

    Thanks for that.
    You are correct none in australia at all on any channel - even network tv, its quite sad.

    I would try it except I have my own ideas, I was more looking for Shows/Websites/Information I can use directly with her to try my ideas on how to do it...

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